Matters Medical

Matters Medical

Isn’t the news about the man dying outside a surgery in Thornton dreadful. Apparently he’d been to the doctors earlier and then a while later died in his car in their car park. I wonder what on earth happened there, I bet there will be a lot of questions asked don’t you. He wasn’t too old either so what a shock his family have had to face. I don’t know what caused his death but it is dreadful no matter what happened, I suppose all will become clear in the passage of time.

Shake up in A&E

Speaking of matters medical, have you heard the news about the new proposals for the Vic, very impressed I was and about time that somebody did the obvious  and did what has been proposed. I will try and enlighten you if I can.

Blackpool Victoria Hospital

It seems that 20,000 people turn up at A&E with minor injuries which of course means that they have to wait sometimes a heck of a lot longer, while patients with serious conditions are treated first. There is going to be an Urgent Care Ward which will be staffed by GP’s and nurses to tend to the many people who have slight problems, so making it a sort of walk in centre.

Myself, I wouldn’t be found at an A&E with some of the things that people go with when a visit to the doc or chemist or using your own common sense will do. It seems that now people see A&E as a facility to see to their every day needs but the clue is in the name – ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY – and if you aren’t one of those you shouldn’t be there.

There will also be a mental health ward so that instead of leaving patients in cubicles they will be attended to. Also there will be a new discharge lounge to stop those who are waiting to go home from bed blocking, which again is a good thing. The children’s waiting area is to be moved, along with the creation of an ambulance handover room, and triage will be overhauled so that treatment starts earlier.

The project will cost £2 million pounds and is hoped to be finished by Oct. 2nd ready for the onrush of all the Winter problems, so releasing the A&E for really ill patients instead of the place being crowded out, so that will be brilliant. Summer at the Vic brought the same amount of patients as they see in Winter, so something obviously had to be done or else!

Hopefully, it will mean that patients will get seen, treated and discharged quicker and will be seen by the appropriate doctors in the right department. 

The current children’s area is to be part of the adult assessment area which will create more cubicles so that staff can keep an eye on the sickest patients, with patients who arrive by ambulance being taken to the hand over room where they will placed on a hospital stretcher in more privacy than being done in a corridor as it is now.

We all know, who have been in hospital, how frustrating it is for staff and patients to have to wait in bed for discharge papers, prescriptions etc which just causes backlogs which goes back all the way to A&E so now they can wait in a discharge lounge for all that to be done. Instead of the usual quick triage system, an in depth examination will be carried out by a senior nurse or doctor in one of the six cubicles with a target of 15 minutes which means treatments are speeded up.

What a brilliant idea at last. I have friends who have been unfortunate enough to have to go to A&E in recent months and had to wait hours and hours to be seen, with the place being full of drunks, druggies, police hanging on to some of them, violence and all the rest that the poor staff have to put up with. They were talking about it for days afterwards as they were so shocked.

But not only that, it’s far better to sort out the minor stuff away from the main A&E as it speeds it up for everyone. I’m surprised more hospitals don’t do this and the idea, for me, is completely brilliant and I for one hope that it works and is successful. Sorry I’ve gone on a bit but I think the subject is quite important for us all and thought maybe you would like to know if you don’t already, what is happening at your local hospital.

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