Lots of Kind Hearts - Come and Join Them!

Lots of Kind Hearts - Come and Join Them!

Our fund for the Defibrillator is doing so well, we’ve been amazed by the generosity of all the people who have given money and are doing fund raising, it restores our faith in humanity with the reaction that we’ve had.

You can read the full story about the vandalism of the defib and the fundraising here.

When we go to the Regal coffee morning on Friday, we have a raffle and on Saturdays too which Jane and I can’t get to but anyway. Denise, the leader, has so kindly donated the proceeds of the raffle last week to the defib cause which is so good.

On Saturday the Singleton Cloggers clog dancers came to dance in Cleveleys to also give the money raised to the defib fund which again was amazing, especially as it turned out to be raining when they here in the afternoon. I kept thinking what a shame it rained so much and was so grey, as obviously it wouldn’t be as busy as if it was a sunny day, but in spite of  that, they raised £52 and gave up their valuable weekend time to our cause.

 Singleton Cloggers dancing in Cleveleys

We have been overwhelmed as a group by the kindness of people who have come forward to try and put right the nastiness of a gang of lads.

Morrison’s are having a raffle, without anyone even having to suggest it, which again is so kind. While Northfold School have had a collection with buckets being left out for people to contribute if they wanted to. Myself, I feel so heartened by the response, as obviously an awful lot of people have thought the same as us and what a dreadful thing it was to do, especially when the machine is a life saver.

A lady from Norfolk who runs a charity there to raise funds to buy defibs in Norfolk after her seven year old daughter had a heart attack there on the beach and died has been in contact. It was possible that she could have been saved if a defib had been by the beach. Out of her sadness came the determination to try and help others not to have to go through the pain she did and she has fitted them all over the place. She contacted us to say that she might be able to get one at a reduced rate for us, because obviously she has done all the research into the machines so that would be really good.

We were touched by the kindness of so many people, someone from Norfolk picking up our story is amazing and again it’s wonderful that there are so many kind people out there.

We’ve been looking at all the different defib cases that there are out there and were surprised that there were so many different boxes. We know we need one that a Facebook follower described as bulletproof, although I’m hoping we aren’t going to be under attack from gunmen! Only joking of course. He actually put a picture on Facebook of a round design and is supposed to withstand water and all the things that can happen. I find it sad that ours is the only defib to be vandalised in the whole of Lancashire, and shame on them for giving us the dubious title as the first!

Also, The Venue on the prom are generously giving a pound to the cause for anyone who mentions the defib so if you are all going there to eat, for goodness sake mention it when you order your food, please!

We’ve been intending to try and get a machine to go at The Venue as they have to be a certain distance apart from each other. It’s a bit hopeless if you have a heart attack at the Venue or Jubilee gardens or you would have another one trying to get there and fetch the defib wouldn’t you!

The Venue have also agreed to check the machine every week which is a requirement of one on the emergency services system. It obviously has to have a power supply too – there is certainly more to the fitting of one than just putting it on a wall, which I imagine most people wouldn’t be aware of.

I can’t thank everyone enough for what the public out there have done and it’s brilliant to know that there are like minded people who think like us and were outraged with the hooligans, so again, many thanks to all of you, where would we be without you.

Come and join in

If you like the sound of the Rossall Beach Group and you’ve been inspired by the goodwill shown over the vandalism of the defib, why don’t you come along to the meeting this Wednesday night? (11 October).

It’s at 6pm at the Community Centre on Beach Road, and it’s going to be a good one. The Blackpool Community Heritage team are doing a talk about old Cleveleys, with a slideshow of old Cleveleys postcards. It should be fascinating, and it’s a good one to come to to start you off with if you haven’t been before. 

There will also be a collection on the night for the defib fund, and Nora, one of the members has made some lovely little notebook gift sets which she’s donated to sell to raise funds for the cause. They’re just £1 each and will be there on Wednesday for you to buy. 

Defib fundraising - Nora's notebooks

Defib fundraising - Nora's notebooks

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