Lost for a Caption for the Westminster Atrocity

Lost for a Caption for the Westminster Atrocity

I had just turned the TV on on Wednesday afternoon when I saw the bulletin about the atrocity on Westminster Bridge, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what had happened.

Westminster Terror Attack, photo from BBC Breakfast video
Westminster Terror Attack, photo from BBC Breakfast video

Then the TV announcer said that seven to twelve people had been injured, with no reports of anyone being dead at that point. Sadly as we all know that statement didn’t hold true for very long, as the dead and injured toll rose through the afternoon with several people still with critical injuries.

No matter how I try to understand the workings of the minds of these people who think they can take lives when they want to, I just don’t get it. What have these people, just going about their daily lives done to deserve having a maniac driving at them in a 4×4 at high speed along that road.

What sort of brain washing must they have gone through to know that by committing these atrocities they are surely going to die at a young age. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would deliberately take people with them to their death or at best a serious injury. For some mad reason or other they think it’s OK. For once, words fail me.

As the day carried on and we saw that what he had done was an act of terrorism, it was hard to believe that someone could drive at speed and deliberately drive at all those people knowing they would kill or maim them. As for the poor woman who jumped into the Thames to get out of the car’s way, what must she have been thinking, was she to die by being mown down or drowned or injured in the Thames, and now she is in hospital, badly injured through no fault of her own.

It was like watching similar atrocities in other countries where similar deaths happened, what do you do, never go out again in case there is a terrorist waiting to blow you up, or whatever, that would be giving in to them wouldn’t it and feeling the fear they want you to feel. No doubt the ‘people’ (I couldn’t print the name that I think they are) are congratulating themselves for striking terror into the very heart of London and killing innocent people along the way, but all it does is make me feel that they want wiping out. Swatting like insects and being got rid of, before they kill any more people.

I remember when we used to go to Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield and a lot of raids and bombings were being made (ironically, after the death of Martin McGuinness, these were bombings by the IRA, in the wake of the Manchester town centre bombing) again on innocent people, and when we went it was quite scary watching every litter bin being searched and staff checking under benches and all sorts of things in case there was a bomb.

Believe me, Jane and I made sure that we knew where every emergency exit was in the place just in case, but it certainly was scary at the time as complexes such as Meadowhall were said to be prime targets for attack. None of us want to live in a world like that do we, so I hope they can find and get rid of these ‘cells’ that are hiding all over our country and the sooner the better. At least the police sprang into immediate action, along with the emergency services which was good to see.

One of the dead has been named as a tourist from Utah in America and his wife is seriously injured, what can I say, it’s just terrible that someone can come on holiday and end up dead because of fanatics. I just hope that wherever the attacker has gone it’s very hot if you know what I mean!

Yesterday, from lunchtime, Blackpool Tower turned red, white and blue, in respect for the tragedy and the people who were affected. Our thoughts are with you all x

Senior Moments

Just a final note to lighten the subject.

You know that yesterday I was being scatty most of the day, well today was no exception as I carried on this morning.


I was as usual trying to do a million things at once and decided that again as nobody in our house seems to know how to fill the tea coffee and sugar jars up that I’d better get the tea one filled up, as nobody else would know where to get the teabags from if you see where I’m coming from.

Anyway out came the box with the tea bags in and there I was doing my duty and filling it up to the top when I realised I had to fetch something from another room. When I came back into the kitchen, Derek was standing there with a million tea bags on the work top which did make me wonder why he’d decided to take them all out again. Maybe it was the shock of seeing the jar full again I thought, but no, dopey me was at it again.

I had filled the tea bags to the top in the coffee jar which might I say was also nearly empty, so is there any wonder that I thought it was the empty tea bag jar. Maybe they are all waiting for the tea, coffee and sugar fairy to come and fill them up while they are sleeping. Mmmm I wonder if they’ll leave some money under my pillow like they do the tooth fairy. What do you think?!

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