Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Hello everybody, I thought I’d better do a blog in case you all thought I had vanished off the face of the earth, well I’ve not, we’ve been having a few lovely days off from work, hip hip hooray and now Monday is getting ever nearer.

Sorry about the missing blogs but we’ve been out and about every day so I just didn’t have the time and by the time that I did sit down I just about closed my eyes every time (old age catching up with me) so unless I ended up typing a load of gobbledegook I thought I’d better not bother doing a blog in case you all thought that I’d gone over the edge!! I’ve really enjoyed going out and about even though it wasn’t sunny but at least it wasn’t windy or blowing a gale, so that was fine by me.

Jane and I went to the Regal coffee morning yesterday for a chat and a laugh with friends old and new and then had our weekly rush into M&S and then charging back to the car in case ‘you know’ was lurking about waiting to get us (the traffic warden). We had five minutes to spare on our parking permit and when we set off, lo and behold, there they were, two traffic wardens round the corner from where we were so no doubt they were trying to get us again. Well tough luck lads, we were in time. It strikes me that Friday morning is traffic warden morning in Cleveleys as we always seem to manage to see one, I think they are getting used to us being there and are waiting to nab us, so we’ll have to carry on rushing back to the car just in case!!

Fly away Peter…

The other evening, we’d all been in the bath (not together I might add), and there was Jane brushing her teeth while overlooking the back garden which she likes to do to watch the birds. I was in the kitchen when suddenly she yelled out that there was a parakeet in the back garden on the lawn no less eating the garden birds’ seed. Out she rushed to see if she could catch it, it was a pretty thing, mostly green with a bit of yellow on it, merrily having its supper courtesy of the sparrows who no doubt wondering who this green thing was that was eating their food.

small green parrot
More green than this – she reckons it was a Lorikeet

There was Jane (I stayed inside) tiptoeing down the garden in her pyjamas trying to catch the poor little thing. It must have seen her as it flew off into the trees, so down the garden she went after it but before she got to it the blackbird, who is nesting in the garden, suddenly flew out with a great big ‘ahhhhhhhhh’ squawk or whatever noise it made and scared Mr or Mrs parakeet off. With the blackbirds wings flapping like a mad bird and the din it was making there was no wonder it went away, so where it ended up I don’t know.

Jane saw a random comment on Facebook about someone in Bispham having lost a bird answering to that decsription so added a comment to say one had been sighted but I’m not sure what happened after that. Poor little thing, the other garden birds won’t tolerate a strange looking bird on their territory so I hope it’s OK.

This little piggy…

Funnily enough this coincided with the news of the miniature or baby pig that was found on Talbot Road near to Layton Cemetery on April 19th. It is a cute little thing, a tawny colour with black spots on its back and only about 10” high and a foot long, poor little thing, I bet it was petrified just in case anyone wanted a bacon sandwich.

Lost piglet

Only joking, it just makes you wonder where it had escaped from. Was someone keeping it as a pet which some people do, or was it from a farm or the unthinkable, the abattoir! I think the police arrested it while they look for the owners, who so far haven’t put an appearance in, but at least it is being looked after, what a shame.

Personally, although I love animals, I draw the line at having a pig. I’ve seen over the years people who have bought a miniature pig which has turned out to be like man mountain, and there they are trotting about someone’s home and having a sleep in front of the fire. The ones that are kept outside seem to have the run of the place with doodoo everywhere and where there’s some mud in the garden they love having a roll in it.

Now I know that some people love to keep pigs as pets and good luck to them, they obviously love their pigs and give them good homes, but even as babies, these black pot bellied Vietnamese pigs or whatever they are called don’t light my fire as being the prettiest of pets that you could pick, so happy pig keeping to the ones that do and fingers crossed for the poor lost little thing that it has a happy ending!

I have to say that when you start using Facebook it’s astonishing how many things people lose. There’s not a day goes by without a lost pet – cat, dog, bird – being posted on social media and from what I can see a lot of them do get found in this way. In the olden days before Facebook it was hard work trying to find anything that you’d lost, so even if it does have many drawbacks the good old internet is certainly an asset when you need it. 

What do you think?

Have you joined in the search for things that have been reported missing on Facebook, or have you used it to find your own lost cat or dog?

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