Join Our Big Happy Family

Join Our Big Happy Family

Well we got the rain yesterday didn’t we. It was throwing it down here in Cleveley’s but not as cold thank goodness. Undaunted, Jane was out of the house for 10am to meet our friends at The Venue where they were holding a sort of recruitment drive to get yet more people to come and join our group.

The rain certainly didn’t put people off as 40 people turned up and they recruited 17 more members who wanted to join our crazy gang!

Recruitment morning at The Venue

The group are looking for more people to get more involved, as they need a bigger core group of helpers that can be relied on to organise events, campaign and such like. So that was the point of yesterday mornings session.

Anyone can turn up at any time, you didn’t have to be there yesterday. They’re on Facebook at Rossall Beach Buddies. Just come along and join in.

Dog Feeding Duty

Kevin and Derek followed on at 10.30am while I didn’t  get there until 11.30am as somebody had to do the rest of the morning things that have to be done in our house, plus which I didn’t feel too sparkling when I got up (nothing new there then). Kevin came back to pick me up when I had just finished seeing to the dogs, who knew something was happening that was different, as I gave them their dinner early, much to their surprise.

At first they didn’t touch it, which is most unusual for them especially Muffin, as he wolfs his dinner down as though somebody is going to pinch it off him! Eventually greed overcame them which was a good thing because I would normally have been feeding them while we were out. I didn’t fancy the RSPCA knocking on the door while I was out, having left two starving dogs on their own, as if!

It’s not just a case of jumping out of bed in our house, there are all sorts of things to be done in the morning so I drew the short straw to bring up the rear. I was amazed at the amount of people who had turned out on such a rainy morning. It was belting it down when I got there and the place was bustling with noise of people getting on together and having a good old natter.

Big Bird

I did wonder if they had turned out to see Jane in her bright gold – yellow coloured tights, as everyone else also thought it was funny. I was in the bedroom when she came in laughing her head off. She had a blue dress with yellow flowers on it just the same colour as her tights and all she could see when she had finished laughing was her looking like Donald Duck with these two legs sticking out from underneath her dress!

Of course I had to start waddling like a duck, so Kevin and Derek came to see what was funny and joined in with the hilarity, although I told her they were just fine as they really picked up the flowers in her dress if you know what I mean. Not so sure about the dark grey shoes, but she was fine with them so off she went.

Judging by the conversations that were going on I wondered if the poking fun had carried on as there was a lot of hilarity and ‘jokes’ about her tights. When we finally came outside to go home one of our friends cracked out laughing and said they looked even worse in the daylight so there we were guffawing away in car park, but that’s us for you!

We had decided beforehand that anyone who wanted to stay after the meeting for lunch was welcome, so of course we were in for it, anything to avoid making dinner and washing up! Our usual gang stayed behind still making a racket as we usually do, until fed and watered we decided it was time to go home. Especially as my lot had to work to do, no rest for the wicked. Still it was nice to be out with our ‘gang’ again and share a meal together before going back to the working world.

Mother’s Day

I hope you mums out there had a lovely Mother’s Day on Sunday, especially as the weather was kind. It was very busy out here on the prom with loads of people on the beach and walking as well, but even though Jane wanted to take me out I was having a ‘bad day’ and didn’t really feel up to it. So I’m saving myself for another day when we can go somewhere and enjoy ourselves.

Instead, I had a nice quiet afternoon doing what I wanted and after lovely presents and cards from Jane and Kevin. Yes he always gets me something for Mother’s Day being a thoughtful soul, it was lovely to know that they both cared in spite of me being not up to scratch to go gadding!

I still enjoyed the day anyway, just chilling out and doing a bit of colouring and watching recorded programmes on TV. So as I’ve said before, luckily I am quite content to stay in and be quiet, after all it is like a mad house here most of the time!

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