In the Bleak Mid Winter

In the Bleak Mid Winter

As you might have seen from Jane’s post on the Live Blackpool Facebook page, she was at an event at the Grand Theatre on Tuesday afternoon.

A tragic day for someone

She said while driving there along the prom she saw police cars and ambulances and the lifeboat people which turned out to be for a woman who was in the sea. How on earth she survived in that cruelly cold sea is a wonder, but she was taken to the Vic after receiving emergency treatment at the lifeboat station on the prom.

The air ambulance landed close to the Central Pier as emergency crews fought to save her life but she did actually get to the Vic by road in an ambulance. Apparently she is ‘critical’ so how she is now I don’t know, but how she got out of the sea alive is a wonder don’t you think. I’m quite sure that after a few minutes in seas so cold, the chance of survival is not good, the poor thing, so what happened I don’t know. 

There does seem to have an awful lot of bodies washed up in the sea and people rescued this last year. Myself I can’t think of a more horrible way to end your life, and feel so sad for people who are driven to ending it all up washed up on a beach somewhere, and whatever had made them to it. Of course there are accidents as well, with people risking their lives when they should know better. I just hope that this year will have a better record and we won’t have as many tragedies.

In the Bleak Mid Winter

Back to the topical subject at the moment, of course the weather.

Everybody is talking about it and how cold it is but luckily here at Cleveleys we’ve had days of lovely sunshine and long may it continue.

Sunset at Cleveleys 27.2.18

At lunchtime yesterday when we were having our bit of rest before starting work again, Derek suddenly shouted out ‘it’s snowing Kev’ so that was all Kevin and Jane needed to get them going about the weather.

Kevin declared that he turned the TV off in the morning as he was so sick of hearing the news people going about it. The bit that made him do such a thing was the way that a dusting of snow makes the country goes to pieces.

Alright there are some areas where you would expect there to be deeper snow, that goes without saying, and they can be expected to be over cautious. But really, schools closing down ‘just in case’ with just a dusting of snow, while the parents who work are probably tearing their hair out as to who was going to look after their offspring! The children then go out and play in the snow if there is enough to play in that is, so they might as well have gone to school.

I did see one head teacher who said that she was worried about the safety of her staff trying to get to school so they were closing, I ask you, why have we become a country of soppy things when it comes to the weather it’s beyond me.

One man on TV said just that and he wasn’t an ‘oldie’ like me, he thought it was mad that we over react to a bit of snow, as do a lot of people that I know. Don’t you think that the media whip people up into a frenzy about the weather because I do. I think they have a lot to answer for when it comes to things like this, but that’s just my opinion.

As one who grew up when you had a foot of snow or more and life carried on as though nothing was happening, I still don’t get why there’s all the fuss. In a lot of cases the news will show a sprinkling of snow with grass, earth and pavements showing through it, hardly a reason to stop the world from functioning.

In the past the buses ran, transport of any kind ran, delivery people carried on, schools were never closed, you got your wellies on and wrapped up warmly and went, without even a thought of you shouldn’t be going to school.

Cold in Cleveleys

It’s bitterly cold here on the sea front and a there’s a strong icy wind with it. We have an outdoor thermometer in our garden and right now it’s hovering somewhere around minus eight and we’ve got the heating cranked up to full.

Thankfully, as usual, we’ve escaped the snow apart from a sprinkling of it now and again. Because of the climate here against the coast and all of the salt in the air, we rarely get snow. Here’s a bit of it, preserved for posterity! 

Snow in Cleveleys

As I said, the sun is shining for us so it’s not too bad.

Jane popped to Cleveleys yesterday and out came all the jokes about ‘shall I get my snow shoes out and my ice pick’ because at the time a flew snow flurries were flying about.

Kevin certainly had us all laughing at lunch time with his ‘weather’ jokes and how these days people are not tough. It certainly gave us something to have a giggle at before the serious business of ‘work’ was resumed.

I’m not being callous because, watching the news at tea time it obviously has been quite bad in a lot of places. A friend of ours had to go to Rochdale and it took him 3 hours to get there in a blizzard. I do feel for the people who have got a fair bit of snow as I think snow looks very pretty until you have to go out in it, don’t you think.

Sadly, all this overblowing of an icing-sugar-like-dusting by the media makes it a bit like the boy who cried wolf. When there is thick snow you tend to assume they’re over reacting again!

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