Heavy Rain, Another Bath, and Bus Vandalism

Heavy Rain, Another Bath, and Bus Vandalism

I write my blog in the afternoon and then Jane publishes it very early the morning after. So when I wrote this yesterday it had been throwing it down with rain through Tuesday night and all day Wednesday, along with a hefty wind and high seas. There was a lot more to come overnight, so I’ll continue the tale of the local flooding in my next installment which you’ll get tomorrow.

Meanwhile, if you’ve had problems where you live, can you please share photos in this thread on the Care for Cleveleys Facebook group. Jane is collecting streets and evidence for the council to deal with.

Care for Cleveleys

Thank goodness I don’t have to go out and can sit and watch the weather from my warm indoors, it sure makes me feel lucky.

Silent and Deadly

We’d had dinner and were having our usual catch up with the news when all of a sudden Derek and Kevin jumped up and started rushing round as though the house was on fire. I asked what was wrong and saw that Muffin had decided to bring his dinner up on the carpet and had been so silent that nobody knew he was doing it. Dog owners will know that they usually start gipping and wrenching and then get rid of the contents of their stomach. But no Mr. Muffin decided to do it sneakily and opened his mouth and out it came.

Kevin ran for the empty yoghurt pot to scoop it into while Derek ran for the kitchen roll we keep upstairs (a necessity when you have pets, saves running downstairs and back up) along with the Vanish carpet stain remover which is marvellous by the way.


While all this was going on, the culprit in question was looking at them as though they had lost their marbles and seemed perfectly OK. Not so our two men who were getting into a right old frazzled state between them but eventually the house turned to normal and we carried on chatting as though nothing had happened!

Bath Time

As you know if you read my blogs, Muffin has had a skin problem and has to have a bath every ten days with his special shampoo from the vets. Even though Kevin and I had said this morning that he needed doing today, by the time the afternoon came I’d forgotten. When I was doing my blog he came upstairs looking as though he was going out to garden in his old clothes, the penny eventually dropped with a clang that it was bath day again.

Kevin luckily decided that he could manage on his own so that I could get my computer stuff out of the way, so he came back up later with a very wet dog (the shampoo has to dry naturally so no hair dryer on the job). Muffin launched his wet self onto me and plonked down as close to me as he could get and managed to wet me and the papers I had on the side of the settee.

My trousers by this time were soaking wet along with the settee and the cloth I had down for him, along with a disgruntled Mr Muffin at having to be wet through on such a wet day. Might have been easier to stand him on the balcony and let the rain do the job, along with shampoo and all the rain we would have been well away!

Only joking in case anyone thinks I would have poor Kevin out there getting saturated, it really was coming down in bucket loads so I did hope people won’t be flooded again – turns out that was an optimistic wish.

Bus Vandals

Just back to a bit of local matters and I suppose what shouldn’t be surprising, to hear of the latest exploits of the bus vandals.

At least they weren’t smashing bus windows this time but trying to get killed by hanging onto the back of a moving bus. One thing it proves is that they haven’t got much in the way of brain power upstairs to do such a stupid thing as to risk their lives for a bit of bravado and ‘fun’.

They have been caught on camera, much to the amazement of passers by who couldn’t believe what they were seeing, when they saw lads running behind buses and then jumping onto the back of them. There have been reports of this lunacy on Central Drive, Church Street and Talbot Road.

Imagine if they fell of and either went under the bus or into the following traffic, whose fault would it be then. Some people on Twitter have said it was quite a usual thing to do in the eighties, well all I can think is that they were nut cases too, don’t you think!

Meanwhile the vandalism is carrying on with the buses with two being put out of action on Friday night when their windows were smashed in. What is wrong with these morons and why isn’t something being done about the escalation of petty crime all over the place.

We have it here in Cleveleys which is normally fairly quiet, but we are having thefts and vandalism here too along with other places reporting the same. Grow up I say and change your ways before you have a life long career of being in prison which is where they will be heading if they aren’t stopped. Why do some people in our society think they can steal what hard working people have worked for and vandalise to their hearts content, there should be consequences for these delinquents and less of the pussyfooting round them and turning a blind eye!!

What do you think?

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