Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Well, we seem to have well and truly caught the cleaning bug, we’ll certainly be starting the New year with a lot of clean cupboards and wardrobes. Yesterday morning, Jane and I decided it was the turn of the kitchen cupboards, so we set to with a vengeance sorting out what went where. The double cupboard under the sink was the most challenging, as it’s a wide cupboard and it certainly was full. Have you noticed with cupboards, that you push things to the back of them and then totally forget what you’ve got? I’ve decided we’re OK for washing up liquid until 2014, and hand soap, all pushed to the back on the bottom shelf, out of sight and out of mind. I think Derek thought I was having a fit or something, as I was laid out full length on the floor trying to reach the back of the cupboard with my short arms when he came in. He stepped over me as usual and went about doing what he was doing, no kiss of life for me then!

Clean cupboards for a new year

Jane was doing the top cupboards as I have to be on top of the steps to reach anything, so I carried on with the bottom ones. The floor tiles were certainly going to be clean by the time that I’d done polishing them with my trousers as I tried to get to the back of the shelves. We filled bag after bag of things that were out of date or we didn’t want, and Derek got a telling off for opening several jars of jams and marmalades that he then put on the very top shelf where I couldn’t see them. As a result we had about six jars of half used things that were going off. He got a telling off, but it’s like water off a ducks back, it’s something he’s always done, started a new loaf of bread leaving one half used, or having three or four tins of deodorant on the go until I catch him red handed and tell him off. This old dog certainly won’t learn new tricks!

I asked Jane for ideas of what to write about, and she suggested new years resolutions. I rolled my eyes up in my head and said, ‘but I don’t make resolutions, I know I’ll never keep them’, so she went on to talk about the new year. When we were young, we used to celebrate new year and stay up to see it in year after year, but as I’ve got older, I’ve lost my interest in it. I’m not being a miserable old thing, but most of the people we celebrated with have died and things have changed.

Derek always had to go and let New year in for my mum and dad. It was a superstition that they always upheld. It had to be after midnight, a dark haired man which he was back then, and he had to say ‘Old year out, new year in, please will you let the lucky bird in’. He had to carry a lump of coal over the threshold, and then my dad would give him some silver coins. He would stand shivering until the chimes of midnight, and then they let him in. It never worked for us, as we still had the same bad luck every year that we always had. It seems to follow me round wherever I go! Anyway, I’ll be tucked up in my bed, while wondering what the New Year will have in store for me. The number thirteen has always been unlucky for me, so heaven knows what will happen in 2013.

We heard with sadness the story of the man who was murdered the other day in High Green. It’s not too far from where I lived in Yorkshire, and not particularly the sort of place where you would expect something like that to happen. We got a shock when we heard of it, the senseless murder of a man going about his business. They have, as you will know, got two men in custody for his murder, but there still seems to be no explanation as to why they found it necessary to kill him.

What a world we are living in, when is this useless taking of life so cheaply going to end, it would be nice to think that with a new year looming, the world would become a better place, but sadly, I don’t think that will happen. Our thoughts go out to the people in High Green, and all the other people who are in the middle of their own personal tragedy as the year comes to a close.

And finally, I’d like to wish all of you a very happy New Year, and hope that it’s a good year for you all, and hopefully one with better weather so that we can all enjoy this fabulous coast that we live on. May your families be happy and healthy, and you have a peaceful new year without any strife. I hope you’ve enjoyed my first few months of blogging, and I’m looking forward to sharing my mad, weird world with you as the next year unfolds.

Happy new year!

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