Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Sorry I missed typing my blog the other day but I was 21 again (as if) so I passed on that and went for the afternoon out in Blackpool with Jane. 

I must say I was thrilled to bits that so many people wished me a happy birthday and with lovely messages too, I think I had 84 which was absolutely great and again I want to thank you all for posting for me, it was sooooo appreciated. It made me feel that my daft writings are worth while, as sometimes I do wonder if I’m writing the right things that people will be interested in.

January Birthdays

As you may remember from times past I often used to ask my mum what on earth she was doing to have a January baby (well I suppose I know what she was doing) but I would have loved to have been born when it was sunny and warm, as I bet a lot of other January people wish, but there you go.

I had quite a lot of cards and pressies and flowers and I know they try to make it special for me as I’m usually down in the dumps by the time my birthday arrives, so they tend to pull the stops out for me, aren’t they kind ahhhhhh.

Anyway I thought we were all going out but somehow the men dropped out and Jane and I went off for a girlie afternoon in Blackpool, which was deserted I must say.

Off we went and the prom was so quiet we got there in 12 minutes and came home in 15, which isn’t bad going right from the Rossall end of Cleveleys! I’ve never known the road so quiet but maybe as I was gloating that it was a lovely sunny morning I should have kept my mouth shut, as no records were broken and true to form it went foggy and dark as we set off. I was thinking here we go again miserable, dank and dreary and there I was thinking I was going to get a full sunny day for the first time in my life, think again Chrissie!

Shop ’til you Drop

We decided to have a good mouch round Debenhams as usually by the time we’ve done trudging everywhere we have lost a couple of inches off our height with all the walking and we are too achey to look properly, so we set off fresh as a daisy (as if) and did a tour of the place. I bought a lovely new purse and a top and not much else in there which is amazing when it’s such a big shop, then we had a pit stop for 2 minutes and out came the camera…

Chrissie having a pit stop

 Then off we went to sample the delights of M&S.

I was naughty and bought a couple of tops in there, amazed that I found something I really liked as that’s not usually the case when I go there, and out came the camera again…

Chrissie birthday shopping

The good part was having a hot chocolate with all the trimmings, yum yum. We had some delightful lemon drizzle cake (and shared a piece) but the chocolate was gorgeous with melt in your mouth marshmellows and chocolate bits. Yummy I say so we also had a good laugh as usual as we rested our legs ready for the next shops.

Hot chocolate

We were amazed by how few people were about, I know it was a bit of a grotty day but everywhere was so empty it was unbelievable. I don’t know how they make a living in some of the big shops but for us at least it was lovely not to have queues and crowds of people that you get in Summer. By this time there was a weird misty fog hanging over the sky, but it had a sunny glow running through it which looked quite pretty.

The camera came out again to take some photos of the Tower in the mist, and lo, Jane also captured one of a unicorn in Blackpool….

Chrissie is a unicorn

Of course no visit to Blackpool would be complete without calling in TK Maxx where I bought some odd things really. I didn’t buy this, but when I showed a jar of Unicorn cream to Jane she cracked out laughing at the top of her voice in the quiet shop… and whipped the camera out again!

Unicorn face cream

Shampoo for the dogs, a cup with a clown on it for Derek and a pretty blue glassy thing that was calling out to me to be taken home. It actually looks a bit like a big blue ostrich egg really, but it now has a new home on my bathroom window ledge I just hope it doesn’t decide to hatch!

By now we were ready for dropping after we’d woven in and out of shops but no we decided we would have a look in Primark which of course was the busiest shop in town.

Have you tried their sweatshirt material cardigans, the sporty ones with a zip up? Well I can tell you they are excellent and they wash and iron like a dream, so I couldn’t resist a pale blue one and a red one. After all at these prices you can’t leave them there can you, well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, but they are great for pottering round the house in.

Jane also bought a blue one as she seems allergic to anything red and thinks it makes her stand out too much, although when I tried my red one on she told me that it looked lovely on me, ah well I can’t help being a model can I. Don’t laugh too loud all the people that know me, I can dream on my birthday can’t I.

Eventually we decided that enough was enough and made our way back to the deserted car park and headed for home where our lovely men had got the tea ready for us, can’t be bad can it. So here’s to my next birthday and another lovely day!!

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