Good to be Back

Good to be Back

Before I get onto today’s matters, I’ve got a question for you – where did the sunshine go? Who turned the light off I asked myself yesterday, as it was a cool wind here on the sea front.

I was just having a cuppa while I did my typing although my eyes felt as though they wanted to close so if I don’t finish my blog you’ll know why. My dad always had a nap in the afternoon on the settee, it’s just what he did and woe betide if anyone woke him up! I felt tired but didn’t let myself go to sleep or I definitely wouldn’t sleep at night and I’m bad enough now for sleeping as it is, so no snoozes for me although if I start colouring in it seems to put me in a hypnotic trance and make me feel as though I must sleep, but no, I won’t give in to temptation!

Good to be Back

Anyway, onto local matters and I see that the Big Wheel is coming back to Central Pier this weekend after being down since last November.

Big wheel on Blackpool Central Pier

We went through Blackpool a couple of weeks ago and it did seem strange to see a gap where the wheel usually is so it will be nice to see it back in its old position.

Did you know that it is 33 metres high which is about 100′), I didn’t, now that is high isn’t it. The last time I went on a big wheel when I was a lot younger I remember getting to the top and not feeling very happy to say the least, at how high I was. I think these little ones for children look high enough although I don’t think as small as I am that I would manage to squash myself into one of those and I bet that would be even too high for me!

Anyway £500,000 has been spent on its overhaul and will have new LED lights on it and has been newly repainted and fully refurbished. It’s to be hopes that not many other people feel like I do while at the top of a mountain, and as for Jane if she gets high up she always wants to throw herself off, so imagine what would happen if she unbelted herself and fell onto the pier’s deck, or belly flopped into the Irish Sea, oh my goodness. And imagine the paperwork….

She takes after my mum as she didn’t like heights and she always said that she wanted to jump if she was high up. While I’m not fond of heights (if I stand on a pair of steps I get vertigo and altitude sickness) I have no desire to depart this mortal coil, so I’m going to stop firmly on the ground floor!

I bet the owner of the pier is hoping that a lot of people love his ride after laying out all that capital on refurbishing it, but I always think that if something looks nice and fresh and new, it’s far more alluring than a ride that looks as though it’s about to fall into the sea if you understand where I’m coming from so good luck to him.

Big wheel on Blackpool Central Pier

The deck arcade on the pier has also been stripped out and refurbished with glass all the way round, a good move as it’s enough to blow you away in Blackpool when it gets windy!

I personally would love to see the piers restored to their former glory and look like they did when I was young as they have gone a bit tatty in their latter years, well to me anyway, maybe it’s my cataracts, who knows. But good luck to the owner that it all works out for him and he recovers his money.

Beach Safety

I was so interested to see that Blackpool Council has had the gumption to have a guide printed for locals and visitors called the Seaside Safety guide to help people stay out of the danger that can sometimes meet them on our beaches.

The man who runs beach safety at Blackpool is actually a neighbour of ours and he sent us a copy of the details to publish, which you can read here. You can get a guide from the Beach Patrol headquarters on the Middle Walk, through the tourist information and on line through Blackpool Council website.

The guide explains what the different colours of the safety signs means and all the risks that can catch people unawares which is such a good thing. People don’t know about the rip tides and strong currents which can go below the surface of the water and are dangerous and could lead to bathers being in trouble as they can change so quickly.

One of the main things for me are the sandbanks where people get cut off from the beach as water swirls round them so quickly and can lead to a good old soaking before you get to dry land, which we have witnessed many times from our house. 

Blackpool beach south shore

The photo above is the beach at South Shore and you can see that there’s a very dry strip of sand between the sea and a long wet patch. When it comes in the sea will swirl in to fill that wet patch first, leaving a cut-off sandbank on the dry bit. You’ll get wet getting back to dry land from this, and the currents can be very strong, depending on how deep the water is in the gully.

I wish Wyre Council would do something similar as we have told them countless times how dangerous our beach can be but yet nothing happens. The very least, a sign put on the steps warning visitors to keep turning round and making sure that water is not creeping behind them and cutting them off would be a start.

We’ve seen people carrying dogs, small children (and larger ones) up in the air as they wade, armpit deep, through the water to get to safety. Our hearts go in our mouths when we watch them as the water gets deeper and deeper before they realise that there is trouble brewing. I just hope that there are no serious accidents from this kind of thing as that would be awful!

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