Good and Bad Community Spirit... and a Calamity Averted!

Good and Bad Community Spirit... and a Calamity Averted!

It’s been amazing how people have responded to the defibrillator being vandalised. It has restored our faith in human nature somewhat. The reaction has been fantastic with people of all ages and in all areas being outraged at the mindless destruction of something we had installed to help the general public and residents alike, if, heaven forbid, we needed to use it.

Defibrillator damage

These machines are life savers, as has been proved many times with the lives that have actually been saved. Why these idiots should do that is beyond me but the wonderful people out there have raised half of the target already and they aren’t cheap believe me.

Just the box will be the thick end of a grand, so we can only thank everyone for their kind wishes and help to buy a new one. This time hopefully we will get an even better one (or should I say a more expensive one) that should take a lot of getting into, should there be a next time.

The JustGiving page is at this link 

Community Spirit

I must just have a bit of a say about the buskers in Cleveleys, which no doubt a lot of you have heard about on Facebook over the last few days.

As you will know if you read my blogs, Jane is looking after the Cleveleys Coastal Community Team – together with the Council, they have applied for and got a £10,000 government grant to do things to improve Cleveleys. You can take part by joining the Care for Cleveleys Facebook Group.

The idea is to help make our little town thrive, and not do what a lot of other seaside towns have done and become ghost towns. Nowhere can be complacent when it comes to getting visitors and residents to use the High Street, so as a small part of their plans, they have suggested that buskers should be encouraged to come and entertain everyone on the High Street, which has been really well received by the public and most of the shops.

Buskers in Cleveleys

You may have heard them if you live locally or been here for the day as a visitor, but there were a group of musicians who were brilliant to say the least. Yes. They did use amplifiers, but to me they didn’t sound that loud and they certainly got people dancing and singing along to them.

Visitors were coming to spend their money in Cleveleys just to hear the buskers which is what the team wanted to do and we know that for a fact as people have actually said so. But sadly one or two shopkeepers have complained to the Council, to the point that in August they fetched a council officer and a policeman out to them.

Buskers in trouble
Photo by Craig Curtis, posted on Thornton Cleveleys Chat group

There is an irony to that, considering the spike in vandalism that there’s been lately. It seems mad to me when there are real villains out there wanting catching and when you want a policeman they are nowhere to be found, but if you play a trumpet a bit too loudly on the high street, tah-dah, one turns up…

Then the pan pipers came which were fantastic. One of the team had seen them playing in another town and invited them here – everyone loved them and they did well out of it too.

Pan Pipes August 2017

I’ve never heard anyone grumble about them they are so good and again, crowds were round them creating a happy feel good atmosphere which is surely what you want to make the town prosperous. 

Not to be content with getting rid of the last lot of jazz musicians, they have done the same with the pan pipers claiming it’s too noisy. All I can say is that these shops are happy enough with their turnover and don’t care that it might bring more trade to shops that perhaps aren’t doing as well. Jobsworth is what I say and a lot of people are up in arms about this, with people going all out to get them back.

I wouldn’t like to think I was such a misery that I couldn’t stand to hear good music playing, but there you go. We have created a world where some people are for number one, sadly. I don’t know exactly which shop it is that has complained, apparently it’s not who the pan pipers said it was. 

Chop, chop, chop…

On to a lighter note, I don’t know what my daughter will get up to next, as yesterday morning I found her chopping away at a Butternut squash. There she was with every knife out of the cutting block, along with the peeler, trying to cut into the blooming thing while ranting away to herself at the same time.

She couldn’t peel the skin off so she abandoned that, while I was having a nervous breakdown as we don’t call her Calamity Jane for nothing! The smaller knives got pushed on one side while she swung all her weight at the thing with the big cleaver, still not much joy, so her next plan was to shout for Kevin to cut into it and use a bit of muscle! No, she decided she wasn’t going to be bettered, while I was wondering if she would like lilies when she had bled to death, especially when she was using the huge chopping knife.

There I was screaming that I couldn’t bear to watch her and to be careful, but she then got her rhythm up and started chopping like a chef does so she quietened down as she seemed to be mastering the squash. In the end, I went out of the way as I couldn’t bear to watch while shouting to her ‘it’s OK you can shout for your mother when you have slipped with the knife because after all, I am the one that deals with the panics in our house’. But she still chopped away, so I came out of the way before we had to redecorate the kitchen with the blood splashed walls!

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