Getting Wet and Getting Pregnant

Getting Wet and Getting Pregnant

Wasn’t it a bit of a day on Friday. It was enough to freeze you and with hailstones falling out of the sky like marbles. We did our usual Friday morning trip to the Regal for coffee with our friends and as we have a residents parking badge we parked on the car park at the back of the bus station.

It was very windy as you will know so I got out of the car and the first thing that hit me was water from the corner of the building in front of us (the British Legion), and I mean hit me. There I was standing there minding my own business when a great gust of wind blew a ton of water (well not quite a ton but enough) all over my head so what with the wind and my hair wet I thought I would end up looking as though I’d been swimming!

Anyway, off we went past the front of B&M. It was quite a sunny morning when I commented to Jane that I thought we would have had a good old soaking according to the weather forecast as it was supposed to rain. As usual I should have kept my mouth shut because as we walked on the pavement I got another soaking on my head from the gutters above me as they dripped water everywhere!

Then we turned the corner onto the High Street and lo and behold it started pelting it down with hailstones which were pinging off our coats like marbles.

By this time we were both laughing our heads off especially as I had three soakings before I even got to the Regal so while ‘normal’ people were sheltering Jane and I were tramping through bouncing hailstones. It’s a good job we have a sense of humour or we wouldn’t be laughing would we.

Eventually we managed to get inside the door and go and take our wet selves to our table where we managed to drop quite a few ‘snow balls’ all over the chairs! However we again had a good laugh with our friends which is all that matters, but as we were sat there we all saw more hailstones keep shooting down with a very dark sky (the sky stayed where it was of course, thought it sounded a bit odd).

Luckily, by the time that we went for our shopping afterwards it had cleared up thank goodness, but my was it cold. I had a thick coat, warm scarf and gloves on and by the time we got back to the car I was absolutely frozen. Put it this way, there weren’t many people about and those that were looked like locals getting their food.

The Politics Show

Back to Saturday, and as some of you might know, after lunch I read out snippets from the paper to my three listeners in what we call ‘the Politicis Show’ as we catch up on current affairs.

Jane pipped me to the post by saying as we were eating our pudding ’what do you think about the Australian Prime Minister being pregnant while in office’ so I sat there and had a little think, even though she had got the wrong country and it was actually New Zealand.

Her dad and I looked at one another and both said ‘why what’s wrong with that’ to which Jane and Kevin looked horrified and said ‘how can she run a country when she’s pregnant and do it properly’. Well me and her dad looked at one another and cracked out laughing at the indignant look on hers and Kevin’s faces, they were a picture. I never thought that she would have been against it, rather that it would have been the other way round with me and her dad saying she couldn’t do the job.

There she sat ranting away about how you couldn’t do a Prime Ministers job when you were pregnant because of obvious problems, to which I said ‘she’s pregnant not ill and is hardly on her sick bed’. After all she can still move, talk and do all the necessary functions, well by the time we’d finished we were all seeing the funny side and having a good laugh at the same time, more I think the horrified look on their faces when we said it was OK.

They obviously were sure that we’d agree with them and got such a shock when we didn’t that it was so funny, maybe we aren’t fuddy duddies after all! I did make the point that Tony Blair’s wife was pregnant while he was in office and as quick as a flash Jane said it wasn’t him having the baby it was her. But I said she did hold a very high profile job and was the wife of the PM and would be expected to go to functions etc.

Another point I made was that she wouldn’t be doing all the things that we mortals have to do like cleaning, washing, cooking and all the things that life throws at us even if we are pregnant, and she can just get on with ruling the country until she ‘pops’. But it was worth the discussion just to see the look on their faces, bless them!!

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This is their blog post from yesterday:

Facebook changes

Jane has set me a new group up so that hopefully you’ll keep seeing my posts. Even if you already like my Facebook page, please join the group until we all see what effect this latest change is going to have. It also means that we’ll be able to talk to each other more easily too – which will be nice.

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