Getting the Best out of the Beach

Getting the Best out of the Beach

It was another lovely day for us yesterday, along with lots more this week by the look of it according to the weather people. I hope they are right, the place has been packed with people getting the best out of the beach. Let’s hope it holds for our party on Friday!

It’s been a lovely weekend in the sun, although there was a bit of a nippy wind. Jane and I decided to have a walk on the prom on Sunday afternoon as Kevin was busy and Derek was having five minutes snoring! It was really warm at the back of the house and in the garden and judging by the passers by on the prom we thought it would be very warm, as a lot of them were walking around in sundresses, tshirts and the like. Now Jane is known for being a coldie, someone who feels cold easily, with freezing hands and feet. Of course, that is when she doesn’t decide to be red hot in which case we have to open the doors and windows and sit shuddering while she gets to a better temperature!

We gathered in the corridor to discuss what to wear on our walk. Eventually we decided on jeans just in case it was cold round the legs, and in my case a warm, fleecy lined cardigan. I did wonder if I would be sweating at the nose end, looking at everyone else who seemed to be really enjoying the sun on their bare arms! Jane had a thick cardigan on and then brought out a coat as well which did seem a bit over the top, as I thought we would be walking on the prom looking like two eskimos while everyone else looked as though they were on the Costa del Sol! It took some doing but eventually we managed to get out of the door and up the drive and soon found out that it wasn’t a mini heatwave at all, more like a sunny breezy March day.

Getting the best out of the beach – even if it was breezy!

As we went over the road onto the prom we got quite a shock as to how cold the wind was. Jane was gloating because she had a coat on, although I think she might have been the only one wearing a coat, but as she pointed out she was glad of it as it was a cold wind and I wondered whether I should have had one on as well! I managed, although I was glad I had a thick fleecy lined jacket on I can tell you.

Chrissie on Cleveleys prom, May 2018
Chrissie on Cleveleys prom, May 2018

Surprisingly the prom was fairly quiet, maybe other people had more sense than us and weren’t lulled into a false sense of security that the sun was shining therefore it must be hot! We still enjoyed our walk while wondering how on earth people were strolling about half undressed as though it was red hot. They must be made of stronger stuff than Jane and I!

People were on the beach and some were in the sea, brrrrr it makes me feel cold just thinking about them. We had a sit down and enjoyed the magnificent view that we call home before going back to get the tea ready!!

Preparing for a Party

Monday morning was again sunny as promised, so Kevin, after a lot of ear bending from Jane, finally managed to go out and re-fit the information board. It had ended up in the sea and had quite a bashing during the Winter gales. She’s been nagging at him for ages to get it put back but it’s not a small job to do it and make it secure against the awful weather that we can get here.

Dave, our group’s secretary, has already been out and re painted the metal frames which had suffered from the wind and salt in the sea and had become a bit shall we say, miserable looking. So now they are all spruced up and ready to meet the new information boards which we have produced and are having an official opening on Friday for.

Before and after photos of the frames for the information boards at Rossall Beach
Before and after photos of the frames for the information boards at Rossall Beach

A long job

The poor lad was gone all morning and by lunch time when we were upstairs in the living room, we heard this voice coming through the open window, shouting ‘I’m locked out’.

He was, as we keep the doors locked as there are such a lot of people milling about the place and we don’t want to be the victim of opportunist thieves! After he’d eaten he went back to carry on and it was tea time when he finally finished the task. He was champing  at the bit as he is so busy with such a lot of work to do!

Party Time

Part of what the Rossall Beach Group does is about getting the best out of the beach. We want it to be a nice environment where people can have a good time. That’s why we have produced some more information boards to add to the ones that we produced some years ago.

We’re having an official ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday afternoon with lots of people coming to the grand opening. When that’s done we are all trooping across to The Venue for tea and cakes which will be nice don’t you think! If you’d like to come along please feel free. Everyone is welcome and it’s a nice way to meet some of the crowd.

Derek has done the design and artwork for the five new ones, as he did for the original ones, and they do look pretty good if I say so myself. It’s surprised us over the years since we had the original boards installed just how popular they are, which is lovely. There are always people standing near to them reading them and pointing things out on the horizon so hopefully the new ones will be as popular time will tell. At least, fingers crossed, the weather looks OK, so all will soon be revealed. I might see you there!

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