Get the Balance Right

Get the Balance Right

It’s a cool and grey start to a Friday morning, but as you all know, we’ve had some sunshine this week thankfully, and along with a couple of days worth of the lovely warm rays between the rainy day, off we go again with warnings about the use of sun beds and sun bathing.

Changing weather

Of course, we all enjoy the sunshine but we have all to be careful about sitting in the sun for too long. It seems that some people are still over-using sunbeds and a lot of them are unaware that they are putting their lives at risk from developing a melanoma (skin cancer) which can be fatal if not treated early.

If you use a sunbed for the first time before 35 years old, you increase your risk of melanoma by 60% which to me is a lot, don’t you think. It seems that more and more young people are developing this awful disease through over use of sun beds or sun bathing, always in search of a beautiful over all tan.

I’ve never fancied going on one of them as it looks like my idea of hell, being trapped in a coffin like structure, I would be banging for them to let me out after ten seconds, that’s what having claustrophobia does for you!

It’s strange isn’t it, how when you have a nice healthy glow and you are a nice shade of tea colour, it does seem to make you feel better and healthier too. Thinking of which, I suppose it would be safer to have a bath in cold tea bags like you used to do with the kids when you dye boiled eggs – I bet you would get the same effect don’t you, that is if you remembered not to put milk and sugar in of course.


Anyway, I’ve established that I will never be at risk of getting something nasty from a sunbed as I never have nor will go on one of them. I bet I would hold the record for the fastest sun tan in the world especially as I would be yelling to be let out, I certainly want everyone to make sure I am thoroughly dead when I’m in my coffin or I would give everyone there a heart attack as I banged frantically on the coffin lid!

I think us ‘older’ people, especially women, spend money on getting rid of the wrinkles that have been caused by too much sunshine and yet when you are young you don’t think it will ever happen to you do you. I certainly never gave being a wrinkly a thought when I was young, but here I am in that boat but to be fair, my family have a strong genetic link to wrinkles and all in the same places.

My mum and aunties never sat in the sun so that obviously wasn’t the reason they were lined so I’m sure it was a genetic thing where they all looked exactly the same, and here I am looking exactly the same as well, oh what joy! The only consolation is that I’m still here to tell the tale and as they say every wrinkle tells a story, well I can vouch for that as I’ve had enough stress in my lifetime to kill a donkey, well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

When Jane was in her early twenties, she was getting dressed and had got her bra on, when I turned round and saw a black mole that was surrounded by what looked a red bruise. My heart sank to the bottom of my shoes as it certainly looked odd so after calming us down, she knew she would have to go to the doctors and have it looked at.

That was in the days when you used to just turn up at the doctors and wait, so she hurtled off and was sent to see a consultant within two days. I went with her and watched while they did the deed and was amazed at the sheer depth of flesh that they took out, you could have cooked it and served it up for tea it was so big, I joke not! Luckily it was benign but when her doctor told her he thought she had got a melanoma, that was when we realised how glad we were that it wasn’t, if you know what I mean!!

It’s a far cry from when I was young and used to sit in the garden covered in a mixture of olive oil and vinegar which was the preferred method of getting a sun tan in those days. It’s a wonder that anyone came near to us who did that, as we must have smelled like a cross between a fish and chip shop and an oily greasy restaurant ugh! It did seem to work though and as there weren’t such things as sun tan cream in those days, nor did anyone know about the risks, I sat there happily burning myself to a crisp. I certainly wouldn’t have if I’d known then what I know now, so all you sun worshippers out there, please cover up, use suntan cream by the gallon and keep safe.

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