Gas Explosion, Pet Tips and Shrinking Shopping

Gas Explosion, Pet Tips and Shrinking Shopping

Isn’t it awful to hear about the gas explosion in Blackpool. Derek showed us some pictures of the house on his iPad and it’s such a mess, I’m not sure yet what caused it but the first thing I thought when I knew everybody was OK was how I would feel if it was my home. Just imagine everything, your lifetime of memories and all the things you hold dear and can never replace. Never mind your clothes, furniture and all the rest these people have lost.

Where do they go when that happens? Everyone needs a roof over their heads but how do you find somewhere to go when you are injured and in shock. It’s the same when there are floods and you have to leave your home for months on end, I would be devastated, so our thoughts are with the people involved in the blast.

The Police put a statement out yesterday which read: “One person remains in a serious condition in hospital following a gas explosion in Blackpool on Saturday, September 23rd.

The woman, aged 72, was taken to Royal Preston Hospital after being rescued from a guest house on Charles Street where the explosion happened at around 5:55pm.

A second man, 29, was taken to hospital but his condition is not thought to be serious.

Four others were treated by paramedics at the scene for minor injuries.

Ch Insp Ian Cooper from Lancashire Police said: “Firstly my thoughts are with the woman in hospital and her family at this extremely difficult time.

“We are happy that everyone is accounted for and we have moved from a safety and recovery operation into the investigation phase to understand what the cause was.

“We will be working with our colleagues from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Blackpool Council and utility companies to establish that. The building will need to be assessed for structural damage and deemed safe before we are able to go inside to start that work.

“We appreciate that this incident will have caused shock and concern for local residents and I would like to reassure them that we will do all we can to understand the cause of what happened but this is likely to take some time, possibly weeks. I would like to thank each and every one of them for their co-operation during last night’s evacuation and as we continue.

“Finally, can I just reiterate that the immediate scene, which has now been fenced off, remains dangerous. I’d ask the public and residents in the area to keep away whilst the engineers work out how to make it safe for the investigation work to commence.” 

If you have any information that you think could assist the investigation please call 101 quoting incident reference 1273 of September 23rd.”

The salon is open…

Saturday was ‘dog tidying up day’ or afternoon should I say, as being long haired dogs they have to have their fur thinned out and tidied up especially their ‘trousers’ around the back end, which along with their long plumey tail trails on the floor, not a good way to be especially when it’s wet!

It’s a three man operation, or woman of course. We put a dust sheet on the table and stand them on that which is less painful on our backs than doing it on the floor, so when Muffin sees the dust sheet come out he goes into overdrive and starts barking and getting all excited as he knows he gets a treat if he’s good. Koko the smaller of the two is really good and just gets on with the indignity of having his nether regions sorted out.

The trouble is, like yesterday when Jane brought the washing in ready to iron, he thought he was having round two and more treats so he was a bit sickened when Jane didn’t put her bedding on the table to have all his hair dropped onto it! I think it’s a bit mean of her don’t you, after all, what’s in a bit of dog hair between friends, only joking if anyone thinks otherwise.

Anyway, back to the salon. Eventually we got round to the nail clipping and for once they didn’t kick a fuss up which was a miracle. When it comes to washing their under sides, for which they have to go on their backs, they both enjoy that the little tinkers, Koko practically drops asleep.

Just for anyone who hasn’t got a long haired boy dog, they tend to get wee blowing on their underbelly if it’s windy, so being me, and being hygiene mad, I wash their stomachs every few days, especially as they are long haired dogs. Obviously they get bathed, but I couldn’t even begin to start bathing them every week.

While I’m on the subject, we have a dog crate for them to go in at night and in a morning, and they both love their bed.

Pillows in the dog crate

Here’s a top tip for anyone else who has one. We have three normal bed pillows in the bottom, each with an old pillowslip on them, which we also put in the washer every week. It’s a much easier way of keeping their bed smelling fresh and clean, rather than having one of those specially designed dog beds to fit that would be impossible to wash and probably break your washer if you tried it. And they look so comfy when they are in it!

The things we do for our dogs us dog lovers, I keep saying that they don’t know how lucky they are!

Shrinking pound

Just a quick comment on being diddled out of goods that we buy, such as Haribo sweets, who are the latest company to try and hoodwink us into thinking that we’re getting the same amount of sweets for the same money. Particularly Tangfastics, Starmix and Giant strawberries which now weigh 190g compared to 215g while keeping the price the same.

There are about 2,500 brands which have done this trick, along with Walnut Whips by Nestle when they took the walnut off the top of the whips – and then shrunk the size of them so that we all think we are getting the same weight of goodies.

We all know the uproar that was caused recently when Toblerone  made their bar look ridiculous by shrinking the chocolate between the triangles, and then there was Andrex, reducing each toilet roll by 19 sheets while at the same time putting the price of them up. You have to wonder if they take us all for a set of nincompoomps or what.

I’ve been saying for ages that lots of things have been reduced in size, such as a loaf of bread. As there are four of us and we can shift a loaf in one sitting, sometimes I’ve counted to see how many slices I would need say for a round of sandwiches, so I know without a doubt that some brands have taken roughly three slices out of the packet. So yes, I have noticed!

Lovely bunch of coconuts

Just a quick finish up on my blog while I’m talking about food. Did you know that the tax payer are forking out £317,000 in aid to save coconuts in the South Pacific, and that is just in case crops vanish.

Not that they have, or are doing, so there was I with my mouth open at yet another complete waste of money for you and me.

It’s a small part of the £13 billion aid bill that we pay, and when I also heard that £150,000 was spent on a bee keeping scheme in Kyrgystan it almost made me want to take up bee keeping in the hope that I could get that sort of money, but I bet I wouldn’t don’t you.

Also, I would be the idiot that would get stung to death with 50,000 bee stings if I offered to do that, so I think I’ll stick with my day job. But it does make you wonder, doesn’t it, when you hear of all the crackpot schemes our money is used for, especially when we are crying out for money for all sorts – the NHS for example. Barmy I call it!

What do you think?

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