Five Minutes of Fame

Five Minutes of Fame

Hi everyone, here I am again turning up like a bad penny once more to talk my drivel as usual. We’ve had bad computer problems with Jane’s computer taking its bat and ball and going home as they say.

It decided it simply wasn’t going to work, even though Kevin spent ages on it the other day and it was working well, apparently it’s something to do with a problem with Windows 8 and the hard drive, he did explain it which made perfect sense but I couldn’t put it down on paper to save my life! As a result, Jane had to use my computer as she is so busy it’s untrue and couldn’t be without a machine until something was sorted out. So Kevin has found out an older computer that was spare and has rigged it up for her while her own computer is going to be sent back to be mended. So here I am again back with my own laptop, I must say it was funny not using one, even for a couple of days, so here’s more of what I’ve been up to.

Five minutes of fame

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be a model for a national dress store, especially at my tender age, but there you go, you never know. As you know if you read my blog regularly, I like M&Co and can’t wait for the new store in Cleveleys to be finished. I often mention them, especially since something funny often seems to happen in there.

Ongoing work at M&Co Cleveleys new store
Ongoing work at M&Co Cleveleys new store

Large companies like them employ search engine specialists to look after their websites and when people like me write about them they often get in touch. They’d been in touch with us so Jane ever one to spot an opportunity said it would be really good if they could give mother dearest a plug for her blog.

Anyway, much to my surprise they are doing a feature on Jeans for Genes day, as sales of jeans seem to have been dropping and they wanted real people who do wear jeans to appear in the piece. Of course big hearted Jane said ‘we can do one better and dress her from head to foot in M&Co clothes’, to which they were very pleased about as they need people who buy their stuff to obviously advertise the fact.

Having my photo taken on the beach


Maybe it’s my silly blogs about going in there that made them notice me, like the one in January about going into the Cleveleys branch and trying clothes on in the changing rooms where Jane was nearly hysterical with laughing at me as I took off my tight polo neck jumper and jeans and revealed what I looked like underneath. I thought she’d been on the laughing gas as she fell about nearly on the floor at the sight of me in my Bridget Jones knickers and vest! After all, it was January and what was I to wear, Bermuda shorts and a tshirt? I ask you although to be fair, I did look a right sight with my knobbly arthritic knees and sexy underwear!! I think not!!! You can find it here if you want to read it.

It seemed that every time we went in the shop we had a fit of the giggles and goodness knows what the shop assistants must have thought, I bet they know us by now as the two barmy folks from Cleveleys. It was a shame that after all that fuss at my state of undress that the dress I was trying on was too short, it was obviously for someone younger than I am to wear well above the knees. Not a good look in my case, although another one I tried on was lovely, so when Jane composed herself we went out and paid for it.

Anyway, back to my picture, there I was at home putting my jeans on, a pink and black top, pink cardigan (not that I like all shades of pink) and black shoes, all bought from M&Co – with only the beads from somewhere else – asking if they thought I looked presentable. I’m still not sure what the answer was but even so, off we went across to the beach (very handy living on the sea front) on a beautiful hot day, with probably only me wearing a cardigan, with my two photographers Jane and Derek.

Having my photo taken on the beach

I felt a bit conspicuous, looking all dressed up in warmer clothes when everybody else was half undressed and laid out like lettuces sunbathing, but undeterred I was frog marched onto the beach and struck various different poses with them both clicking away as though I really was a model. There were two council workmen doing some pointing on the sea wall who never even raised an eyebrow, thankfully, although I was getting a few bemused looks as if to say what’s that woman doing. But never mind we finished the job and beat a hasty retreat to get back home and put some thinner clothes on.

M&Co seemed pleased with the finished job although I was critical as usual, I never like to see my picture as I always think I look terrible, but there we are, off it went to them in the blink of an eye, so all will be revealed in due course on their web site!

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