Fire in the Tower

Fire in the Tower

Another lovely sunny day yesterday after some rain the previous night, it was a lot milder and the heating was off again. I’m in shock that we have had two days without heating, wow, and yet at Chorley, Preston and central Lancashire they’d got snow, it’s mad isn’t it.

I think we’ve been blessed as we have had scarcely any snow at all, as we keep saying, West is best!

Fetch the Fire Brigade

After tea on Wednesday, I was doing some colouring (better than tranquilisers any day) and up Jane piped up that Blackpool Tower was on fire.

Yeah we went, pull the other one, so she said that it was true as she’d been reading it on Facebook. Quick as a flash Derek and Kevin got their iPads out and scanned them to see what had happened.

It seems that a dozen people were stuck at the top of the tower (reminded me of the film Towering Inferno) but luckily for them that wasn’t the case. The fire started on the building’s roof at 12.40pm after a spark leapt onto a fifth floor roof above a storeroom where workers were carrying out repairs after the strong winds. Luckily none of the attractions were damaged and as the alarms went off when smoke entered the roof void, action could be taken immediately.

Most people in the Tower were told to evacuate once the alarm sounded but smoke had already got into the bottom of the lift which is used to access the viewing platform at the top of the Tower. The poor things were stuck up there for hours as they weren’t allowed down until 5pm. I would have had the screaming ab dabs if I’d been stuck up there and yes, Jane said that the first thing I would say is ‘are there any toilets up here’. It’s a fair question don’t you think after all, five hours is a long time to be stuck anywhere without one. Heaven help you if you were scared of heights, but at least they were nearer to heaven weren’t they!

Fire crews stayed until later that night to make sure that no more sparks could ignite and the Tower was open for business again yesterday. This was taken at lunchtime and as you can see it was alive and well.

Blackpool Tower

So all’s well that ends well, I don’t think it was anything too serious, but I was amused (or shocked) as a lot of streets round the Tower were blocked off for obvious reasons. One woman who realised that she couldn’t get to the KFC said it was ridiculous closing the roads and where was she going to go now. She must be seriously addicted to KFC that’s all I can say, as it’s not exactly the only food shop in town. Obviously to her, filling her stomach with her favourite food was more important than a fire, and what the outcome could possibly be! As they say, it takes all sorts to make a world doesn’t it!!

Shiver me Timbers

Changing the subject ad going back to the cold weather we’ve had. On Tuesday night I ran my bath and when I checked to see if it was too hot or anything, the water was running cold. I popped into the utility to see if the boiler was having a temper tantrum but no, all seemed to be well. I shouted Kevin to ask what he thought was the problem, when he said that Jane had trouble in her bathroom as her water was quite tepid. So, off I went to my bathroom and turned the tap on full which normally would scald the living daylights out of me, and again it was warm but not stunning.

In I got and lo and behold I had a tepid bath, yuk. But one good thing was that it sharpened Derek’s mind when he had his bath as usually I can’t get him out even with several ‘warnings’ not to steam the bathroom up or else! I think I’ll have to have mine hot and then turn the temperature low on the boiler for him if it gets him out of his bath so quick. Gosh, I nearly died of shock when he appeared.

The morning after I ran my bath again, I love to feel clean to start the day, there’s nothing like it, and off we went again with tepid water. As I didn’t want to turn into a quivering, shivering wreck, I got out nearly as quick as I went in.

Anyway, Kevin and I got our heads together, as I am the plumbers mate after all and the other two aren’t interested, and we decided to ring the Gas Board who we have an insurance policy with. He didn’t ring until turned 9am and it seems there’s now an automated service and we were told a plumber would be with us after 12 noon. How’s that for service. Sure enough one turned up at 2pm.

On opening the boiler up (sounds like an operation doesn’t it) discovered that water from a previous leak had dripped onto something else that caused this problem. That put right, I really enjoyed my nice hot bath that night. How we take for granted all the things we are used to until they aren’t there!

Bath time

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