Eyes and Ears and the Air Show

Eyes and Ears and the Air Show

First of all, I must start my blog with a big thank goodness for my daughter, Jane, who has been backwards and forwards to hospitals and goodness knows what. She went on Friday morning to see another consultant at the Vic who was really, really lovely she said, so much so that she wanted to bring him home and sit him on the mantelpiece, especially when after yet more tests, he announced that she was OK and didn’t need the brain scan we thought she was having. She still has to go back for check ups but the relief when she rang and told me the news was wonderful as anyone else will know who has been having something ‘looked into’.

Just briefly, she’s been having this weird thing going on with her vision since about May – she says her  central vision is silvery grey like the sight that you see when you feel faint. She’s been to the opticians, doctors and two consultants – the final one threw his hands up and said ‘your eyes are fine it must be your brain, I’m referring you for an urgent brain scan’. Well you can imagine what we thought! The worst of it was that he told her not to drive, so she’s been on house arrest for three weeks, and every time she’s gone in a car as a passenger she’s felt travel sick!

Anyway, this chap who she saw on Friday says he’s certain it’s nothing serious because it has improved and she hasn’t got any other symptoms, so he doesn’t think she needs a brain scan at all. She’s got to have a visual field test done and see him again in 6 weeks, so at least the horrible cloud which has been over our heads has lifted.

This episode has also brought to a head the fact that she has been doing far too much for far too long (and I mean FAR too much for FAR too long), and it’s looking likely that overwork and stress might be partly to blame, so she is under everyone’s orders to do less, be less of a stress-head and take things more easy – which I think she is finally taking heed of!

I’m telling you this bit of news because we keep telling her she could have done with her ears checking while she was there as we have done nothing but laugh at her this last couple of days.

Is it a helicopter, or is the house going to blow up?

Thursday morning, as usual Jane was up first and went upstairs to the dogs, to have her breakfast and do some work when all of a sudden she heard this noise.

Apparently she thought at first it was a helicopter and went outside onto the balcony, no doubt to see where it was and what it was doing at that ungodly hour, knowing Jane more likely that she had taken her camera with her if anything drastic was happening out there as she does like to know all the news to put on her Visit sites.

Puzzled she came back in, still hearing the noise and wondering what on earth it was. She passed her computer, wasn’t that, and tracked it to the back of the room. She felt at the walls and said she could feel something vibrating, very odd so she pressed her face to the wall and seriously thought the house was going to fall in, possibly through a sink hole or a minor earthquake, so by now I think she was ready for sounding the alarm and getting us all out of the house. So after investigating and having another listen, with pounding heart, she realised all at once that it was the washing machine that she had switched on herself earlier that morning. Well, the thought of her doing all these daft things tickled us to bits but at least it gave us a good laugh!

So yesterday morning she came into my bedroom to tell me that she’d been out to feed the birds when she’d heard what she thought was planes getting ready and preparing early for the Air Show yesterday afternoon, when she realised it was a car going on Green Drive! (Or was it the washer?)

The poor thing, she definitely should have had her ears checked while she was doing don’t you think. Goodness only knows what she will ‘hear’ next, I don’t!

Blackpool Air Show

Blackpool Air Show

Speaking of the Air Show, my three took themselves off there yesterday afternoon on the tram and I volunteered to dog sit as I’ve seen it all before and don’t particularly fancy getting squashed to bits in the crowds, so here I was, typing my blog with two happy dogs snoring away beside me, what is doggy bliss!

You can have a look at loads of pictures and videos of a lovely afternoon out on the Live Blackpool Facebook page here

If you want to go, it’s on again today from 1-4.15pm. 

The sun managed to get out after a few showers yesterday morning, but as usual it was blowy here which isn’t so bad once the sun is out but I wouldn’t really like to think that I was flying a plane in that wind, I bet the crowds were glad I wasn’t flying a plane either as I certainly would create a show of the wrong kind!

When I finished, I put my feet up and caught up on some recorded programmes which is sheer bliss for me so we are all happy together in our own ways, can’t be bad can it!

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