Eye Appointments and Beach Cleaning

Eye Appointments and Beach Cleaning

What a quiet weekend we’ve had for once, just what the doctor ordered especially as Jane and Kevin went to the other side of Preston on Saturday morning. I’ll tell you the funny bit first…

After all the bad weather there’d been last week, Captain Cautious Kevin actually put a shovel and his wellies in the boot of the car before they set off.

Shovel and wellies, ready for snow.

I wouldn’t mind but Jane had already asked our friends Jean and Alan (who live at Preston) if the snow had gone, and she’d also checked with the NHS that appointments were running as normal. 

Anyway, she’d finally got to see a neurologist about her eye troubles that she’s been having for months and months poor thing. All she’s kept hearing is that the Vic is miles behind in seeing patients neurology being no exception. That’s all well and good if you don’t have anything seriously wrong with you but if something is very wrong, waiting isn’t an easy thing to do as we all know. After a visit to our GP, who is brilliant and got her an appointment under the NHS at a private hospital which she still had to wait weeks for, she went to the place the other side of Preston.

Bemused, and after putting the address into the sat nav, they eventually turned up at a trading estate. They both thought something was very wrong after all since when does a trading estate usually have a hospital on its grounds, a first for us I must say! After asking the guard or whoever he was at the gates to the estate if there was a hospital there, Jane said he just pointed to the next street as if to say ‘I’ve been asked this a million times’ and looked very bored with the whole job. But I wouldn’t have thought a trading estate would house a neurologist, how about you!

Anyway, they got there and saw the consultant who had her notes from the hospital doctor who had referred her, and after cross questioning her he told her she had a form of migraine, although it was unusual to go on for so long. Apparently when we get older, the form of migraine that we’ve had before can change how it manifests. Typically you get less headaches and more visual disturbances as you get older.

For instance when I have migraine I always have an aura that starts with what seems like a small, bright circular saw and ends up filling the whole of my vision until I can’t see properly along with all the usual symptoms. Now I seem to get migraine in my neck, yes it does happen as I found out at a trip to A&E, as apparently there are all kinds of migraine. Mine must have transferred to my neck, well the back of it, where I get a bad head and feel very sick. I found this out when being seen for something completely different, but interesting non the less.

All the poor lass can do is weather it out as she is taking all the correct medication that she can take for this condition, it has a name, Jane will tell you, I’ve forgotten but it was so nice to see them back and to be able to draw a line under it after a worrying lot of months.

Maybe that’s why she when she went back to her parked car the other day, she went back to someone else’s car and it wasn’t even the same make, but with all the daft things she’s been doing lately, it will be a race in our house to see who goes off their head first as we are all in the running! After all that we stayed in and chilled out for the rest of the day so pleased that we knew at last what was causing her problems.

Beach Clean

Yesterday morning was the beach clean again (how quickly that rolls round) where 56 people turned up and a nice sunny morning it was too, until it decided to rain, but at least they had finished their beach clean.

A team of young apprentices had come along from United Utilities, which obviously means time for a photo-call!

Photo of beach cleaners with United Utilities apprentices

We joined them at the Venue for our after beach cleaning lunch or coffee, whichever took your fancy. When we got there the place was buzzing with loads of people coming back to enjoy a natter and a drink with friends. We couldn’t even get a table and waited until some left before we ordered our food. We sit round the corner where the snooker table is as we are a bit noisy to put it mildly, and with all the laughter and chatting that was going on we need to be out of the way of other diners.

Eventually we had our lunch and a good old natter to follow up and then back home where I did this blog and the other three were in the office working, no rest for the wicked then, my we must all have been wicked!! We’re all so comfortable with each other, which comes with many years of building friendships up, and we were saying how nice it was to have genuine friends for which we feel truly blessed, so long may they continue.

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