Extensions and New Builds

Extensions and New Builds

I was a bit on the late shift yesterday typing my blog due to various reasons, but the last one was my computer. When I opened it up, it had decided to blow itself up (not literally) it had become one of those large-print-for-the-poor-sighted you get at the library. Now while I have got eye problems, I’m not ready for that yet so after pressing everything I could lay my hands on that usually works I had to admit defeat and send for the cavalry.

Derek couldn’t sort it because he uses a Mac so has barely more idea with a PC than I have. So eventually Jane came up and saw that there was sort of one piece or part of Facebook should I say, that had become enormous, but being the brains of Britain that she is eventually it got sorted out, thank goodness, or I wouldn’t have been on time to get the tea ready and that would be awful wouldn’t it!

Local News

I can feel a bit of local news coming on today. First is the news that the Ma Kelly’s Showboat on Queens Prom has put an application in to planning for a single storey extension to be built on the side of it. All well and good until the Elgin Hotel said that they objected as it would bring the extension within 4 metres (12′) of their boundary wall. It has a licence until 3am which by the sound of it has caused quite a bit of unrest to the residents at the Elgin. It seems that more than a few guests have complained about the noise due to the customers leaving in the early hours and sometimes have got caught up in altercations there.

Now I can fully understand the Elgin’s concerns as there is nothing worse than being on holiday and woken up or not being able to sleep because of thoughtless people. Like most people on holiday I’ve have had my share of that carry on and it’s not funny when you have people yelling their heads off when they’ve had a few too many is there, or stamping about and shouting their heads off in hotel corridors or bedrooms.

So what the answer is I don’t know. I can see why the owners of Ma Kelly’s want to build an extension and planning seem set to pass it with the understanding that maybe the front door of the building can only be used until 9pm which is fair enough.

Having spent £750,000 buying the place which was in a bit of a state, and spending £500,000 to bring it up to scratch I can understand the need for the owners to make a hefty profit for sure, so hopefully they can reach an agreement to make both sides happy. Planning are meeting tonight at 6pm so I wouldn’t mind betting that it gets passed, would you!

Maccy D’s at Morrisons

While I’m wittering on about plans I must make a comment on the proposed MCDonald’s at  Morrisons, Cleveleys.

Hasn’t it caused an upset with a lot of people getting into a lather over it that live near to the proposed building.

Again the people who are objecting by and large seem to be the people who live near to it, which I can fully understand, as they are naturally concerned about the noise and smell of food wafting their way. They don’t want the disturbance or their house values to be affected – which is only natural.

Building a McDonald’s is going to be a popular addition to Cleveleys especially for Jane who is pleased that they are building one. Not that she lives on them but it is nice to know where there is one if the fancy takes you, if you get me!

It made me decide to write about it when I saw the letters in the paper yesterday, with quite a few of them implying that us older people live behind lace curtains and don’t have a life and are too old and long in the tooth to want such a decadent thing.

Some of them were quite narky I think I would call it, but as an ‘oldie’ who doesn’t have a blue rinse and or is too narrow minded to be open about the subject, never mind peering behind lace curtains (which incidentally I don’t have) I must say I think it will be a popular addition to the place especially with the younger end. But don’t think oldies don’t like a bag of chips and a burger because a lot of us do, me included.

I’ve yet never noticed a smell coming from the one at Fleetwood and a resident has actually said that they never smell the place and they live there, which is heartening for the Cleveley’s worriers although I can fully understand their point of view.

Again, is it because they live there, like the anti-frackers who object and the people who live there, NIMBY I say. I wonder if all those people in the lofty heights of Lytham are objecting to great underground caverns being filled with gas at Stalmine, while pumping brine out into the sea at Rossall School for ages and ages, killing fish and sea growth etc. never mind the risk of being blown to kingdom come. I haven’t heard any voices coming our way have you? Or doesn’t Cleveleys and surrounding areas that are affected matter?

So would the people near Morrison’s object if it was put by the side of me? Somehow I think the answer would be no. As for the obviously younger end of the letter writers, I would ask you to remember that one day (if you live long enough) you will become ‘old’ too. But I like to think of myself as young without a body to match through no fault of my own, but my mind is certainly young and I don’t think I’m a busybody.

Wow that’s my little rant over. Hopefully normal service will soon be resumed, but as young people don’t like to all be lumped together under one umbrella, neither do us ‘oldies’!

Join in 

I’m sorry if you read this at the end of the last blog, but it’s important so I’m going to keep repeating it for those who haven’t seen it yet.

If you rely on Facebook to tell you when the next episode of my blog is online, you need to know that they’re changing the way they show you news.

Anytime now they’re going to start reducing the posts that you see from ‘Pages’ (the ones that you ‘Like’) in favour of posts from friends and family and Groups (that you ‘Join’) 

This is their blog post on the subject:

Facebook changes

Jane has set me a new group up so that hopefully you’ll keep seeing my posts. Even if you already like my Facebook page, please join the group until we all see what effect this latest change is going to have. It also means that we’ll be able to talk to each other more easily too – which will be nice.

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