Exhibitions, X Factor and Time Wasters

Exhibitions, X Factor and Time Wasters

So to start todays blog with the ‘Exhibitions’ bit in the title, Derek and Jane went to Blackpool on Monday afternoon to the Grand Theatre as they very kindly asked if we’d like to display some of our paintings in the bar there. So off they went on a sunny afternoon to do the deed, and very nice they look from the photos too.

Seaside Emporium exhibition at Blackpool Grand Theatre


They have changing exhibitions from local artists in the space there, so we’re very pleased to show a range of our works which will be there for three months. 

Seaside Emporium paintings at Blackpool Grand

Derek has painted a beautiful view (if I say so myself) of the front of the Grand and it’s corner on Church Street (2nd to right above), and to say thank you they presented Colin Johnston with a copy of it for them to keep. 

Colin Johnston and Derek Littlewood at Grand Theatre

If you want to have a look at Derek’s work for yourself, you can find it at www.SeasideEmporium.co.uk 

I could just have managed a trip to Blackpool in the sunshine, except they went working so that wouldn’t have been much fun would it, so I stayed put and did my blog like a good little thing!!

Then yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) Kevin and Derek went to a clients at Preston to do some photography and again the sun has shone for them for their jolly, although it kept clouding over so I was quite happy to stay put and do this blog especially as it’s a cold wind!!

We’re on holiday at Easter week so anyone thinking of having a holiday that week don’t, as I can just about guarantee that the weather will be awful as it always is when we have a break, so you have been warned!! Still I don’t really care as it will be nice to just do what we want when we went instead of having to do this, that or the other!

Have you got the X Factor?

Anyway, onto more serious matters. The X Factor people are coming to Blackpool this weekend to do auditions for the show so if you fancy your chances, the auditions are to be held at The Sands Venue on the front on Sunday between 11 and 5.30pm. Full details about the X Factor auditions here.

X Factor

Mmmmmm, I thought. I’ve not told Jane yet but maybe she would like to join me and have an audition as we would be brilliant for the part where they show the idiots who think they can sing and can’t. We would be spot on, as I used to be able to sing and seemed to have lost it now that I’m older, I seem to sound as though I’m doing tremolo as my voice shakes and quivers, plus I sound like a man as my voice has gone so deep.

When Jane joins me in a sing-along it gets even worse, if that’s at all possible, as she usually sounds as though she’s singing out of tune and maybe Kevin would like to join us which is what he usually does when we strike up.

We always say that there’s a song for everything in our house because when someone is saying something one of us often picks up a word or a phrase that’s in a song and off we go, quite happy in our dischordant din!

I won’t ask Derek to audition with us as he NEVER sings ever, so he can just watch and be musical director although as he’s tone deaf I don’t know what we’d end up like! We could call it the Cat’s Choir, what do you think, do you think we could possibly win.

In case you wonder I am only joking of course and we have beautiful voices, and if you believe that you’ll believe anything!!

GPs and the NHS

Now I am going to be serious, because I’m going to talk about the state of the NHS in regard to GP’s.

As we all know, the NHS is abused by people who don’t use it in the way it was intended to be used, and a GP is urging people to stop visiting their doctor with minor illnesses and they should go to their pharmacist instead.

These people are highly qualified and used to dealing with minor ailments, so why don’t people use them if they can’t use their own common sense.

A GP at the Thornton practice says that a new service has been introduced called Pharmacy+ Clinics so that pharmacists who are taking part in the scheme can quickly provide consultation for a range of minor ailments often in a private room so that the world can’t hear what is being said.

I think as a country, we have become so used to the NHS being there over the decades that we think it is OK to go running to the doctor’s for every little thing, but as they say, times are a changing. Now there aren’t the funds or time to see everyone who should have used their common sense and realised that, for example, a cough or cold will go away with pain killers if you are feverish and drinking lots of fluids helps.

I wouldn’t dream of going to the doc’s for a cold but so many do and what puzzles me is that if you pay for a prescription it’s so often the case that what you need is far, far cheaper to buy over the counter than the cost of a prescription. It doesn’t make sense does it.

There’s no wonder that hospitals, A&E’s surgeries and all the rest are so packed all the time, I bet by the time some patients have waited for their ‘slot’ at the doctors that whatever was wrong with them has gone.

At the risk of sounding like a dinosaur, when I was young, there weren’t as many drugs as there are today so our parents had to use their common sense and treat us in the best way they could, as they would only go to the doctors if there was something terrible wrong with you. And as for the hospital, that was a big no-no unless you were practically dying or had a terrible accident or disease and there was no waiting then.

The trouble is to me, that if people keep on using the NHS as it is being used and taken for granted, with the soaring population and less GP’s and doctors, the system is going to go ‘pop’ and then where will we all be. I still to this day will only go the doctors if I really, really need to and by and large ‘get over things’ in my own way, as I think that your body has a way of healing itself anyway.

What does anyone else think?

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