Dedicated Bunch of Beach Cleaners

Dedicated Bunch of Beach Cleaners

Sorry I’ve been missing for a few days (my last one was on Saturday!) but my dear daughter threatened me in her sternest voice that I hadn’t to do any blogs over the weekend. She had far too much to catch up on and was far too busy to put them online, so here I am with my ban lifted, so here goes.

Dedicated Bunch of Beach Cleaners

Yesterday morning was beach cleaning day and what a day. It was freezing out there on the sea front with a hefty wind and rain and not very warm, but as you know I can’t grab the pincers to pick things up any more due to pain problems, so I go along to The Venue for morning tea or coffee – whichever takes your fancy.

It didn’t stop the Rossall Beach Group, and mostly dressed in waterproofs they all gathered as usual and toddled off to pick up a lot of litter. I think it’s fair to say that the ones who didn’t have waterproofs will be getting some!

Jane actually managed to get onto the beach to do some litter picking which she doesn’t usually do as she is on the top of the prom seeing to various things. She said that even though the weather wasn’t very kind to beach cleaners she had really enjoyed her time on the beach as she was on her own, getting wet but well wrapped up against the weather and all in all found it to be very relaxing, although she did say that her body would pay for it later!

Flushable wipes, picked up on the beach

This delightful specimen is a ‘flushable’ wipe. They might flush down your loo, but they contribute to ‘fatbergs’ and block drains and sewers, and they end up in the sea and on beaches in large numbers when they have been let out to sea. So please don’t put them down the loo – pop them in the bin instead. (Just wrap toilet wipes in a couple of squares of paper first).

Happy Bunch of Beach Cleaners

Off I popped to the Venue to meet up with friends and what a din we made, it seemed worse than usual to me, so it was a good job that the place was quiet. Well after all it was 10.45am and not exactly conducive to going out and having a breakfast or whatever.

Jane was admiring Jean’s top, at which point Brenda and I commented that it was our colour. Then we realised we were all dressed int he same shades of pink!

Jean, Brenda and Chrissie in pink

Councillor Roger Berry was there, who does come along to some of the beach cleans and then for a coffee afterwards, and he made a glowing speech about the fact that the group kept the beach so clean.

He did make the point that our beach gets all the rubbish from Blackpool and everywhere which it does, quite a disgrace I’d call it, while he pointed out that Fleetwood and the other tidal beaches had hardly any rubbish and without the dedication of groups like ours it would soon turn into a corporation tip!

Staying Power

As I’ve told you before, we were the first group and longest lasting to start to care for the beach environment and it’s so nice to get praise from someone as other people in the council seem to be oblivious to anything we do. They’d soon notice if the group stopped I might tell you.

It takes dedication to turn out on such a rotten morning, and a lot did to care for the beach so well done all of you.

You can have a look at all of the photos from the morning on our Facebook page.

As Roger was leaving Jane pointed out to him that I was her mum, that was after he also said what a brilliant job she did and all the hard work she puts into everything to make things succeed. But the thing that puzzled us was his mouth dropped open as though he were catching flies with a look of amazement on his face. Now why I don’t know, but I sure would have liked to have known, instead of wondering why he looked so flabbergasted!

Jakki, who owns the place came and had her photo taken with us, as they are replacing their plastic straws with paper ones to help the environment, so well done to them, and they’ve also given us a contribution towards the new defibrillator.

Jane was reading out to everyone the list of meals and events we were having at the Venue in December and we decided that we would all need Slimming World and a bed there as there wasn’t much point in going home there are so many. It is so nice to have such a great atmosphere with our friends, and it’s always the same so long may it continue!

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