Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron

Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron

But first, as usual, matters of the weather. How I feel for all those states that getting all the earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons, we can’t imagine what it must be like in England can we. We get our fair share of gale force winds here on the West Coast with, at worst, winds of up to 90mph. That is quite something when you are watching it coming straight at you and listening to the house creaking, but we get used to it so what it must be like to have double that speed, I don’t know.

All I can do is sympathise with them and think how dreadful they must feel at watching their homes and everything that they possessed being blown away and destroyed. It doesn’t bear thinking about and as for the 5.8 million who are being told to leave the Florida area and are stuck on motorways, well what can you say at how awful that must be too.

I keep wondering where they are all going to go when they get off the motorways, as hotels are booked up and you don’t just leave one area and set up camp under the stars in another do you, so where are these poor people going to end up?

I was laid in my lovely warm bath last night enjoying the foamy heated water around me and all I could think about was how must all those thousands of people feel to have everything taken away from them. There I was enjoying my bath while they couldn’t even get washed, it’s just not right is it. How it will all end up goodness only knows, as it must take some sorting out on that scale and as my dad used to say, ‘England’s not a bad old little place to live’ and I for one agree.

Dashing away with the smoothing iron

Onto matters domestic now, and just over a week ago there I was ironing away when all of a sudden the heat seemed to go out of the iron.

We have one of those irons with the water tank separate to the iron, but suddenly as I was ironing, out came big blobs of water from the iron. Of course, because the heat had eased up and things were getting shall we say a bit wet, I didn’t get the well pressed look that I like to get.

Jane used the iron last Sunday and lo and behold it worked perfectly for her, so much so that she looked at me as though I’d lost my marbles, which I hadn’t, I wasn’t imagining the Niagara Falls on my ironing board.

Last Thursday, out came the iron with good old me using it again. I ironed two or three things when again, the heat started to fade away but knowing what was going to happen, I got out my mac ready for the downpour!

Derek came up with a cup of tea for me so as I needed a witness I told him to come and look at the water that was coming out of the iron, so he immediately said ‘oh you can’t put up with that can you’ especially as at that moment he was watching me drown a pillow slip, so up came Kevin to see what was to do.

He’s our Mr. Fix it but he didn’t know what to make of it either and when he tipped the iron end up and water gushed onto the ironing board, he declared it to be broken, although I didn’t get a certificate to prove it before getting another one!

That’s where Amazon Prime came in to its own, and out came the computer and bingo, we had a new one delivered yesterday afternoon, in time for the next ironing session this afternoon. We thought you might want to see us in action, demonstrating our QVC presenter skills, so I give you Jane the demonstrator, and Chrissie the camera woman, in ‘Steam Iron – the Movie’!

We were saying (once again) how amazing it is that you can buy exactly what you want/need and have it delivered quickly to your home. At one time before the internet we’d have spent all of Saturday afternoon chasing about trying to find one, and then getting what we were given. As it was, instead we spent Saturday afternoon lolling about on the sofa!

Anyway, when the Amazon man had been at lunchtime, Jane unpacked the iron and immediately started touching knobs and faffing about with it so after being threatened that instructions must be read first, I think she got the message that it needed to be read carefully before wrecking a new one too! Kevin is a past master at not reading the instructions, much to our amazement, as when we get a anything new he can’t resist fiddling with it to the point of nearly breaking it, so now I stand over him and make sure he does read the leaflets or else!

If you’re interested and want to have a look, this time we have got another Morphy Richards iron but this one descales and sorts out the hard water problem automatically, as the last one had to be cleaned manually which was a bit of a kerfuffle that involved rinsing it out and shaking it over the toilet to get the flakes of limescale out. As we live in a very hard water area it needed doing more rather than less so that will be interesting if it works.

The one that’s just died was the first one of that type that we’d had. We didn’t know if we’d like it, but I must say I’d not go back to an ordinary iron now. They’re easier to use when you’ve got a bad back because they create a lot more steam (albeit they are heavier to get in and out of the cupboard). You don’t get shiny lines on clothes that you get with an ordinary iron, and you can steam vertically with them. So you can freshen dry clean only clothes up, and steam jackets. Jane has a cord jacket that looks like she’s been to bed in it every time she wears it, so she steams it and it looks like new. All in all you might think this is a party political broadcast for Morphy Richards, and we’re crackers paying so much for an iron, but believe me, with the amount of ironing that we do it’s worth every penny. Cheaper models are available (as they say).

It’s the same make, but obviously after having had the last one a few years the newer model is a bit different with more buttons and goodness knows what and is a nice lilac-purple colour, a change from the all black body of the last one, so all was revealed when it was used for the first time. It’s not funny when there are three loads at a time if your iron doesn’t work. You’d only go for so many washes before you started to run out of clean clothes – and imagine the back-log of ironing!

The good old days

At least I won’t have to prepare for getting wet through. It just reminded me of the good old days when my mum would dry everything within an inch of its life and then when she ironed, she would have a jug of water nearby and ‘slek’ them as she called it by sprinkling water all over them to wet them to get the creases out.

I could never understand why she didn’t get them quite as bone dry as she did and iron them slightly damp, instead of drying them to death and then wetting them. But everyone seemed to do that in those days so who am I to question that!

I was thinking about when you couldn’t even get a steam iron, and they were all dry irons. Can you remember these?

Dry iron

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