Culinary Mishaps - Part Three!

Culinary Mishaps - Part Three!

The daftness in our house continued, first with Jane having a barmy moment on Friday. She was going to a breakfast meeting at the Hilton and had to be there for 7.45am, so as she’s usually up and working at 5am she had plenty of time to get ready and get off.

I was up at 7am getting my breakfast along with Kevin who had turned up to get his, saying to me ‘where’s Jane, has she gone.’ Then he looked out of the window and said that the car was still there so where was she? Apparently she had put a post-it note on the cooker to say that she had got in a muddle with the time.

It seems that she had got out of her jim-jams, got ready, put her make up on, and was just about to put her coat on and go out of the door when she looked up at the kitchen clock over the door which said 6.30am. Unable to believe her eyes and wondering why her brain wasn’t telling her she was a dope, she eventually came round to the knowledge that she was going an hour early! I assume she disappeared back upstairs and carried on working and as she said ‘thank goodness I didn’t trail all that way to find the place empty!’ At least it gave us a good laugh and went with all the hundred other daft things that have gone on in our house over the last few days.

I carried on being brainless. For instance, I went into the fridge looking for a bucket to do some cleaning and so it went on. I think we are all losing our heads in our house, maybe it’s something they are adding to the water who knows.

More Culinary Capers

Anyway, when we got the weekend shopping on Friday, I knew that I needed to get something for Derek and I for our Sunday lunch. Jane had sorted out and bought what she and Kevin were having, so off home we went. Sunday came and with it the realisation that I hadn’t sorted our lunch out at all, so I buried myself in the freezer hoping there would be something interesting that I could find.

Now I’m not one to have much of an appetite to start with, and as the food in the freezer was mostly for four it was a bit limiting. Derek came out with his stock answer of ‘fish fingers’ which is what he always says if we are stuck. I don’t mind fish fingers especially M&S (have you tried them? They’re really worth buying, there’s actually some fish in them) but only on necessary occasions, although they do make a nice fish finger sandwich if you are stuck for something for tea.

I carried on getting colder and colder as I went through the freezer drawers and came up with a choice of a packet of noodles and bean shoots or a mini-meal beef casserole for one! Not wanting either was a bit of a problem for me so I shoved them under himself’s nose and said ‘you decide’. In itself that wasn’t a good idea as he always leaves me to it but as the casserole wouldn’t have gone very far between two unless you were very tiny people we settled for the noodles. Much to Jane and Kevin’s amusement, who tucked into lasagne, chips and cauliflower cheese which I might add I’m not fond of, well the lasagne anyway.

Theirs was merrily cooking away in the oven but ours was microwave, yes that dreaded word in our house. I’d been keeping the frozen noodles warm on the radiator in case I had to use defrost on the microwave, but I found that they were still like rock in the middle. I took my life into my hands and put the noodles into the microwave on defrost and even though it was only a minute, by the time 30 seconds were up, it started smoking again – and not cigarettes!

‘Here we go again’ I thought, so as there was a gentle waft of burnt plastic coming out of it, I abandoned the poor thing that I’d tried to kill earlier in the week and went off to find the frying pan to cook the noodles in.

Chrissie cooking noodles

By this time, my two had come into the kitchen and were killing themselves laughing at me as they were having a right plateful. We were consigned to noodles and beanshoots which by this time they’d realised wasn’t even a meal – it was a side dish!

Kevin asked what we were having to it and when he found out that was it he laughed even more. There I was stirring away for victory with Jane going on and on in my ear about how she’d used it every morning for her porridge and it was fine, not that it helped me with my dinner, but anyway, in the end they were very nice, the noodles not Jane and Kevin, and plenty of them. After all when we’d had sticky toffee pudding and custard for seconds I wasn’t complaining.

Another muddle at tea time

The irony of it was that when tea time came we discovered we’d got cross-hobbled with the food that we’d bought for teas too, and ended up a meal short for either Sunday or Monday tea. 

So we decided to save what we’d bought to have for tea on Monday when yours truly was in charge of getting it ready, and made-do with tinned soup. You’ll never guess what we had, chicken noodle! So off Kevin went again, giggling because the oldies had a full day of noodles!

It’s very seldom I get into this pickle anyway so I’ll just have to get my memory into gear next time!

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