Could it Be You?

Could it Be You?

Jane keeps saying that Visit Blackpool haven’t yet named the star who will switch on the lights. I can understand why she’s curious because she obviously wants to put he or she on our Visit websites but as she nattered on again about why no one has been named, I said that maybe they haven’t found anyone yet.

Blackpool Illuminations Switch On 2017

There are only about two weeks to go and the silence is deafening. Jane stood there in the living room rattling on, but and myself, I couldn’t care less who will be switching the lights on, but it seems that the local councillors have been asking the same thing.

It seems that councillors aren’t told either who it is until it becomes public knowledge but with tickets already going out it seems a bit strange don’t you think? Apparently Visit Blackpool just say that the name will be announced ‘any day now’ which is usually the stock phrase but why all the secrecy I don’t know, odd I call it.

(Jane: I know. The Illuminations switch on star never gets paid, but they have a contract just like any other star would for any other performance. It’s likely that it will be being sorted out with MTV who are the media partner, and no doubt ‘their people’ are busy being pedantic with ‘our people’ and so the ink hasn’t been put on the paper yet).

However the ‘star’ will be accompanied or joined by rapper Example, who I have to say I’ve never heard of, and Louisa Johnson who was the X Factors youngest winner. Sorry still don’t know who she is either, much to the disgust of Derek and Kevin who thought she was brilliant, as I stopped watching that show ages ago.

I must say it does make me feel rather ignorant about the pop world, especially when a singer called Conor Maynard and dance troupe Diversity and Club MTV presenters and record producers R3wire and Varski will perform. Oh my goodness, I think I’ve just zoomed to the age of 106 as I’ve never heard of these either, I’m obviously in a pop star wilderness or something but never mind, at this rate I probably won’t know who the star is when they are finally announced! (The funny thing is that if we want to know about current pop stars, groups etc, we all ask Derek, who at the ripe old age of 74 has very current knowledge and can rhyme them all off!).

Find out about the Switch On event on our new Blackpool Illuminations website at this link

Finally, the Board is Back

Monday was the beach clean for the Rossall Group and Jane threatened Kevin that he must go out and fit the sign board that has been missing for ages, after vanishing in one of our famous storms.

To be fair to him, he has been so busy and works such long hours, so I suppose you can say it wasn’t high on his list of priorities, especially when we are nagging for things to be done at home which get left for the same reason. So I suppose with the threat of divorce hanging over him (only kidding if anyone wonders) he went across to do the deed.

Kevin installing the DONG board on 21.8.17

That was all well and good, but when he got there the blooming thing had got all rusted up where the screw holes were or something, but anyway, it proved to be a very difficult thing to sort out, and ended up taking him a full day to do.

Not to say ‘I told you so’ but I’m going to anyway, I have kept saying that it wanted looking at first to make sure it could be fitted as the sea is notorious for knocking the stuffing out of anything on the sea front.

Derek went across to see what was to do and to see if he could help, but when he came back shaking his head, Inspector Clousea (me, but sorry I don’t know how to spell it) knew something wasn’t right in the state of Denmark. You could say that my hubby is well known in our house for being the voice of doom, his favourite words being ‘can’t do it’ so off he went telling me all about the things that wouldn’t work. Kevin came back after a full morning trying to fix the blooming thing mid Monday afternoon when it started raining, and left it until yesterday as he had to get some paid work done or else!

Yesterday being such a very warm day, he decided after lunch that he would go across again and have another go at the frame, so I could hear a lot of drilling going on. I bet he was hoping that he can get the sign in at last after a lot of struggling.

Some years ago Jane had found local company Bailey Engineering and set them on doing the job of making the frames after he continually assured her that a) they wouldn’t rust and b) the sign boards wouldn’t come out. Guess what, the paint started flaking off not long after they were put in and as Jane sees him regularly at a business club that they go to, she has asked and asked him to put it right, especially when he guaranteed that they would be sound.

Then this board got washed away by the sea in a storm, and meanwhile the frame has gone from bad to worse, and after continually going on and on and them turning a deaf ear, a couple of years later, Kevin is left with the job of sorting it out.

Dong board back in place

When he finally came back after a full afternoon, he’d had to take the spars to bits at the back to make them the correct angle to hold the panel (which they weren’t so the screws weren’t fastened straight into the board, so no wonder they came out) and re-drill it all and he’s add extra fixing holes to make it more secure, and stuck it with glue. In doing this the paint was flaking off as he was working, so the frame is looking a little worse for wear. 

Anyway, it’s finally back in, and within half an hour people were reading it. We’ve got some funding for some more signs to be done, and guess where we won’t be going!!

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