Cleveleys Car Show 2017

Cleveleys Car Show 2017

On Sunday we had a busy morning as usual, but decided to have a walk onto the car show to see what was happening there.

Cleveleys Car Show 2017

After our usual performance getting ready, we got the dogs in their pram and off we went. We knew it was windy of course, we would have had to have been deaf and blind not to know that, so Jane got them a blanket each to tuck round them so they weren’t cold as after all, anyone in a wheelchair will know, it’s a lot colder just sitting there than being active and they are my precious babies, sentimental or what!

We all had padded coats on like you do when it’s nearly the middle of June and was I glad of mine, we didn’t even try to walk on the sea front as we were walking into the wind as we went to town, and stayed on the side of the houses, and that was bad enough! It was enough to blow your wig of if we had one of course, but we battled on into the strong headwind and eventually got to Cleveleys.

Cleveleys Car Show 2017

What amazed me was how some people were dressed. I didn’t think it was warm by any stretch of the imagination, well on the sea front it certainly wasn’t, and some people had only sleeveless blouses, tshirts and bare arms of course they had trousers on or skirts obviously, but they must have been frozen. They are obviously braver than I am, I like to be warm!

The wind didn’t stop people from coming to the show as it was packed, and the street itself was very busy and an overcoat warmer when the sun got out, but as we were walking past Home Bargains suddenly it was like being hit by a mini tornado. Poor Muffin was quite upset at the squalls of wind which were knocking them both everywhere, it was amazing how windy it was from nowhere, so down came the hood on the pram to let him calm down a bit.

The shops didn’t look all that busy but the cafes and food stalls looked to be doing very well as usual, it must have brought a lot of money into the town looking at the amount of people that were milling around the place! We seemed to bump into lots of people that we knew, which was nice to have a chat, but we had lots of laughs as usual.

Tea cake, barm cake - or just bread?

We were having salad for tea when we got back home so as we were opposite Family Bakery I asked if anyone wanted a balm cake (only we call them tea cakes) or some bread to go with it. So there we were, the three of us were standing still with Derek walking off in front like he’s always doing, until Jane shouted at the top of her voice like she was in the living room not out in public ‘Oi Dad, get yer ’sen ‘ere’ it was a right old bit of Yorkshire if I ever heard one, so that set us off laughing for a start, but at least she had the grace to blush. He does have this annoying habit when we are shopping of wandering off and we have to send a search party out for him so that was why I suppose she got impatient and turned into a fish wife.

There we were outside Boots trying to decide whether we wanted bread or not with the usual, ‘do you want some, do you want some’, with the usual passing the question to each other. As I’ve said before, we have a board meeting to decide if we all want a cup of tea, so five minutes later and a lot of laughing I decided and said we weren’t bothering, we’d have a cream cracker to it instead.

Next we had a tussle over sensitive toothpaste for Kevin which again took half an hour to decide which one he wanted along with lots of giggling from us as it was so funny. If you knew us and had ever heard us debating anything when we’re trying to make a decision, while all the time Kevin is going round in ever-decreasing circles of lack of understanding, you’d know why sensitive toothpaste and tea cakes could be funny – our friends reading this will understand!!

You’re nicked!

The highlight for me was the police van where I just couldn’t resist going round the back and having a look inside.

Chrissie inspecting inside the Police Van at Cleveleys Car Show

A lovely young man was telling us what was in the van which was very interesting. There were riot shields which don’t look so strong but did you know petrol bombs could be thrown at them and they wouldn’t melt. Also it would take 500 slashes with a Samurai sword to even make a mark on them and they withstand bullets. Wow, I don’t think I’ll be doing any rioting in the near future if that’s the case.

By now I was craning my neck to see what else was in, so the young man told me to come inside up what was to me a high step, so after telling him I couldn’t get in on my own, he grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me up with all his might while as the steps were so high I thought I was going to pull him on top of me!

Chrissie in the police van at the car show

I saw the shelves which looked like bunks on a submarine, where they keep all their riot gear and coats etc with seats at the front for the men. Luckily by this time Jane and Derek had turned up and were making fun of me as usual but at least I could fall onto Jane when I got down the steps!

Then of course I had to hold the riot shield which was good, so there I was holding the arms at the back of it looking very threatening, well as much as a little elderly person can, with my lot laughing away at me – they were egging me on to put the helmet on and hi-vis coat, but a little boy had them on so I made do with the shield ­čÖé

After all that we set off home to walk on the prom and look at the cars and again got blown to bits so it was nice to get in the warm house and what a surprise, the men got our tea ready, bliss!

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