Cleveleys Art Trail - and my Favourite Subject!

Cleveleys Art Trail - and my Favourite Subject!

We had a lovely, lazy Saturday afternoon and my was it nice.

We decided it wasn’t a very appealing day weather wise, so after a morning of housework we stayed put and watched TV recordings we had made and did some colouring while Derek started another picture.

It’s Mary’s shell this time so that will be interesting to see what he makes of that. You can see his other paintings here

Mary's Shell on Cleveleys beach

I can’t for the life in me understand why there aren’t boards on the prom saying what the shell and the ogre are doing there, not forgetting the oar which often is used as a seat.

Chrissie and her oar!

I wish I had a five pound note for every time I have passed the shell and heard people saying ‘what is that doing there what is it for’ always looking totally puzzled, I must say. As for the ogre, you aren’t bad if you can see him as he is usually covered in green algae and tends to look like a piece of rock. The poor thing certainly gets left out from the attention the other ones get, ahhhhh!

Ogre on Cleveleys beach

You can read about the pieces of artwork on Cleveleys seafront here

Sunday Shopping

Another busy Sunday morning and when the afternoon came we decided to have a look around Cleveleys to see what was on offer.

Derek was a bit under the weather and wanted to stay in so he babysat the dogs while Kevin went into the garden and messed about with the pond, doing something or other that he wanted to do, don’t know what. So that left Jane, my partner in crime, and me getting ready to go shopping.

It felt really damp, still cold, but not too bad if you were wrapped up and it was quite busy as well, I suppose Christmas shoppers getting done early don’t you, but it does make for a better atmosphere when it is busy well it does for me anyway. I wasn’t aware of much in the way of Christmas decorations in the shops, but as that is a well worn subject I’ll be quiet for once!

We got our bits and bobs and were home for 3.45pm which we had to be as we only have two hours parking, again a well worn subject about which I shall also keep quiet! We had an early tea which by then it was dark of course, so we snuggled down and caught up on some more programmes that we had recorded with me trying not to fall asleep!

My Favourite Subject

On Friday a friend and I were talking about one of my favourite subjects, toilets, so a quick bit of information about them as I didn’t know all these facts, let’s see if you do.

Did you know that 2.3 billion people worldwide don’t have somewhere safe to go to a toilet, while every day nearly 1,000 children die from preventable diseases linked to dirty water and unsafe toilets.

Also, did you know that 97 billion hours are lost looking for a safe place to use a toilet, I certainly didn’t although I’m not quite sure what ‘safe’ means, how about you? Does it mean safe from disease, people, animals, what, I must admit I am a bit ignorant on that subject but it does make you think how awful it must to not have a toilet to go to, after all it is something everyone needs.

I remember a friend of mine who went abroad and had to squat on a hole on the floor and that was in a hotel, oh gosh the mind boggles, I would have been horrified, I can just imagine me trying to get up or down for that matter to squat over a hole, and where do they keep the toilet paper? Hopefully there is some or else!

Outside Toilets

Anyway, back to the discussion I had with some friends. We were talking about when everyone had outside toilets where you had to go on a trek in the pitch black down the yard to do whatever it was that you wanted to do.

I was lucky enough not to have to trail – when I was little our ‘outside toilet’ was built into the house, albeit you had to get to it by going out of the back door. Here’s my mum stood on the back step with the lavvie door wide open! They moved into their house when they’d not been married long, and it was newly built at the time. She lived there all her life, and as she wished, also died in bed there.

Outside toilet

Toilet Trek

I remember my aunt’s toilet where you did have to go across the yard. You had to be armed with a torch to find your way and do the deed by the light of your torch (obviously when it was dark, you were OK in the daylight!)

Outside toilets always seemed to be painted in white distemper and smelled of damp – and of course the spiders, they were everywhere, maybe that’s where I got my dislike of spiders from as there was always some there to drop on you while you were perched on the throne.

Of course when I was very young, everybody, unless you were very well off, had ripped up newspaper or Radio Times hung on a nail behind the door to wipe your derriere on. Goodness knows what everyone’s backside must have been like, covered in black ink, the mind boggles.

My friend told me about the candle they left under the pipes of their outside toilet in Winter to stop the pipes freezing up, quite a good idea don’t you think, after all, who wants burst pipes when you are bursting!

It’s nice to reminisce, but I am so glad those days are gone, there nothing better than having your toilet in your house and no safari’s to outside toilets where goodness knows who could be lurking, never mind the spiders. They say ‘the good old days’ which they might have been, but give me my warm safe toilet any day!

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