Christmas Party Season Begins!

Christmas Party Season Begins!

After a busy day on Wednesday, we had tea and Jane and I then went off to the Rossall Beach community group Christmas meeting. I must say I didn’t enjoy turning out in the cold as I am definitely a stay-in-after-tea bird in the Winter, brrrr. It was cold and windy on the prom believe me, but after picking Jimmy our neighbour up, off we went for an evening of fun and games, and my did we have lots of laughs.

Chrissie and Jimmy

A lot of people came too, which was nice, as it’s always better when you have a good crowd of people to make it go with a swing. First of all we decided to have our music quiz which the secretary Dave had organised, so complete with pen and paper we waited while he started playing the tunes.

We had to guess where they were from and who was the star of the show. It might sound easy but it wasn’t. First off he played a tune which we all seemed to know but not recognise, if that doesn’t sound too daft, so there we were all singing and humming away while doing a bit of cheating on the side, naughty naughty!

Next came another one again which we hardly knew, and so it went on with points for getting the song and more for the show. The trouble, was, apart from one or two or three or four, we didn’t know what on the tunes were, so we were all yelling out to say that they must be mighty old tunes as even us geriatrics didn’t know them!

Eventually, among lots of laughter, we got to the end but not before Dave shouted out that Jane should know that one to which she looked rather dopey and said ‘I wasn’t even born then, how old do you think I am’ to much laughter from us lot! When he started going through them, the penny dropped a few times with a clang but not before we all thought one song was Steptoe and Son which turned out to be nothing like it, much to more gales of laughter as we wondered if we were all tone deaf! Brenda, the ex librarian, won and got a lovely big box of biscuits for her cleverness.

Party time

When we had finished hollering and acting about we decided it was time for refreshments so Dave and Jane popped off to the kitchen to get the big flask things that you have which pours endless cups of tea and coffee, and then the dive for the cakes from Taylor’s, which we always love.

When we were previously deciding what we should buy, Jane bagged a meringue followed by a few more, me included who wanted one, so when the cakes were set out, there was a box of meringues which went like lightening. I had asked for one but didn’t realise it was the size of a mountain with a strawberry on top. Being a not-very-eat-a-lot person, I gulped, looked at it and thought ‘here you go then Chrissie tuck in’ but my goodness was there a lot, I could have shared it round the table, I joke not.

Everybody had what they wanted and lo and behold there was one meringue left so Jane and Nora had half each, much to my amazement as I felt like I’d had a ten course meal all to myself!

Sing song with Alan

That over and done with, which took some time I can tell you, Alan sang for us. He was kind enough to bring his electronic piano and stereo sound equipment, very impressive, we had a good old sing song which was brilliant. We had all the Christmas songs along with Alan singing a couple of songs by himself which were very good, but as he used to be in a band and do gigs, that would be why. If I had done that they would all have run out of the room very quickly!

When one song started, us lot started singing jingle bells which it wasn’t at all, so there we were collapsing in giggles but eventually he did play it so off we went again. It was all super fun and I personally could have sung all night and listened to him playing, it was very good, our own music show courtesy of Alan and Jean. Who needs to go to a pub when you have that playing for you.


All in all, we had a fun night out with brilliant friends with lots of laughter so that can’t be bad can it. We are going to the Regal today with our other group of friends for Christmas dinner. Then on Monday we’re off to our other home at The Venue for a full party afternoon out with a full Christmas dinner and a cabaret show, dancing, bingo, you name it, we’ll be there.

So it goes on, I’ll have to get the indigestion tablets ready that’s for sure by the time I’ve had all this food! My poor little stomach isn’t used to massive meals, I could do with a child’s portion not a plateful. Don’t you think that some places get giddy and give you a massive plateful which makes you feel full just by looking at it. But still it will be fun with good company and what I don’t want, maybe I can give away to someone else or leave it, especially the sprouts. Say no more! So here we come, get ready for us!!

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