Chrissies blog goes for a walk on the wild side

Chrissies blog goes for a walk on the wild side

After tea on Thursday night we went for a walk on the beach. It was nice out, a bit of a cold wind by the sea, but the sun was out, so off we went. The beach was unusually wet, wide stretches of the beach had water running down them, this isn’t usual, so I don’t know what caused it. The down side was that the dogs refused to get their feet wet yet again, and would’ve stood there all day if we’d not carried them. So there we were, getting our feet wet while the dogs feet stayed dry! However, we had a nice walk, while trying to avoid the other dogs on the beach. For those of you who don’t know, my dogs have a leg problem and can’t do with being chased, or they end up limping and in a sorry state. On the way back on the road, some friends shouted to us to have a look at their new carpet, so we went for a look and dawdled our way back and eventually got home.

Sandcastles on Cleveleys Beach
It’s a really nice photo, shame Jane didn’t hear her phone plop onto the sand while she was taking it!

When we got in, Jane said ‘where’s my phone’, she takes that and her camera on the beach in a small bag. As usual, she’d stopped to take pictures, and must have dropped it while we were out. She was running round the house trying to find it, but no phone was there to be found, so Kevin went running out like a greyhound out of trap one, to retrace our steps on the beach. We said she’d no hope of finding it, and actually rang the phone to see if it was switched on, but it wasn’t. It’s a good job really, because if it had have rung, somebody could have found it and that would be the end of that. Oh ye of little faith, ten minutes later, in came our knight in shining armour, he’d found it tucked up by a sandcastle. How lucky was that, he might never have spotted it or somebody could have taken it, it is a nice phone too, so luck was on her side for once. All’s well that ends well, be more careful in future Jane!

Friday morning dawned bright and clear, and I was having my usual early morning bath, when all of a sudden, the towel I was drying myself with flew over my shoulder as I was trying to dry my back, landed with a resounding plop into the water and sank like a stone. Now who’s clumsy, it’s clearly not just Jane. There I was standing in all my glory, with a towel that I was trying to wring out. I was shouting for help, and luckily Jane was in the kitchen and came to my rescue with a dry towel. She said she’d thought I’d done something stupid when she heard my dulcet tones yelling in the bathroom! I quickly got dried all the while wondering how my towel had managed to end up being thrown over my back, they wouldn’t want me in a cricket team, I can’t even catch a towel!

Nothing exciting happened for the rest of the morning, just boring jobs to do and meals to get ready, then off to ASDA. I’m pleased to say that Kevin has suffered no after effects from his several bumps on the head, and although a little quieter than usual, he’s doing his usual wizardry on the computers. He is amazing, he says that nothing is impossible, and no matter how hard the problem he solves it. I think he actually makes computers sing he’s so clever. (Pay me later Kevin for the flattery), all joking apart, we would be lost without him, his skill with computers, mending things and his never ending wit.

Jane and I were going to have half an hour in the garden yesterday afternoon, but rain stopped play (again). I can’t say I’m sorry, as I’m particularly aching today, and there’s always tomorrow!

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