Charity Walk, Afternoon Tea and a Mid Life Crisis

Charity Walk, Afternoon Tea and a Mid Life Crisis

What a busy day we had on Wednesday. Well Jane and I did, in the afternoon we gadded off to the Regal for afternoon tea, leaving the men to work, shame on us!

After a busy morning on my part as I do the physical things like housework, washing and meals etc, just the daily grind, we got ready in the afternoon to go out with the other members of our coffee group for afternoon tea, all very lady like!

Well as usual, I couldn’t decide what to wear because one minute it looked as though it might be sunny while the next it started blowing a gale and turned pretty cool. I had decided that being afternoon tea, I would put a dress on as I practically live in my jeans, so I got that all sorted and then the sky went dark and it steadily got windier and windier here on the sea front. As a result, guess what, back went the dress and out came the jeans, with a nice top and pearls to sort of set the tone if you know what I mean, but I did feel a bit odd in them although Jane put hers on too and as we were sitting down most of the time, who saw my legs?!

I also put my padded coat on and was I glad of it, it was really cool out and I had drowned my hair in lacquer to make sure I didn’t get there looking like Worzel Gummidge. Kevin offered to drop us off, as by the time we’d got there from the car park we would have looked like we had been through a hedgerow backwards.

We picked up two friends to save them getting there all windswept, after all it wasn’t a scene from Gone with the Wind, so we managed nicely to just hop out and go inside.

When we got to Cleveleys we were greeted by the sight of loads of people walking out of Tesco in blue T Shirts, apparently they were off on their leg of a charity walk from here to Bispham.

We were asked to stay downstairs until everyone came so it did get a bit crowded, especially as everyone was talking sixteen to the dozen as usual, but eventually we went upstairs where I’ve never been before incidentally, and waited for the summons to go in for tea.

Eventually we were all sitting down and sorting places out like you do, with most people happy to sit with their friends. This is Brenda on the left and June on the right. 

Chrissie, Brenda and June at afternoon tea

Then the stampede started. We had to queue up in a line and serve ourselves with very fresh sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, salad and all the usual afternoon fare but I’d had a light lunch at 11.45am or I would have been passing out from hunger, so by the time I did get my food I could feel myself getting fuller and fuller!

Chrissie having afternoon tea

The trouble was, there were also delicious gateaux to be had after that, so me and my friend Brenda sort of rolled across to the cake table to see what else we could have. I say rolled across, I did, although Brenda didn’t and luckily I didn’t fall head first into the cake table which was a possibility as the good old vertigo has come back, or the people on the nearby tables would have moved I’m sure, instead of having me collapsing on them with several gateaux, don’t you think!

Anyway, I had the biggest serving of cake I’ve ever had in my life. Coffee cake I chose although I did think it was toffee but Jane got that, so by the time I’d finished eating, I was full to bursting believe me, especially as it was washed down with a couple of cups of tea!

Of course, it was so noisy we couldn’t hear ourselves think which is the usual when we get together with friends, but it’s nice isn’t it to have a good old bit of fun in an afternoon.

Slowly people started to drift out and left us sitting there still chewing the fat but eventually we thought we’d better move before we got thrown out. Then we went and stocked up in Home Bargains on the heavy things that we can’t usually take back to the car park but as Kevin was picking us up we thought why not.

I’ll tell you this, I had a cup of tea when we got home and not another thing all night as I was full up to the top, but it was a nice way to spend a pleasant afternoon instead of working.

Mid Life Crisis

I must tell you this to finish, Jane was in for such a shock when she came home yesterday morning.

When I came into the kitchen, I was met by what I thought was convict 99, aka Kevin. Lo and behold, he had shaved his head with the number 2 fitting on the clippers so that he just has the signs of hair growing through!

Mid life crisis

My first thought was wow, what Jane will say to that when she comes in, but I think it’s a shame he’s cut his lovely curls off personally. He must have had a mad moment or a mid life crisis, as I have never ever known him to do that, but when I pointed out that he had left some more bald patches than others, he went back to the razor and shaved some more off, that was after trying to get me to do it. Not likely I told him, I’m having nothing to do with it although I did tell him he had left one long curl at the back poor thing, what a shame. 

He unlocked the door at lunchtime to be greeted by a stunned, slightly hysterical wife, who fell about laughing while asking him where on earth Kevin had gone! After she’d wet herself laughing at him and videod the botch job to show to our friends at the coffee group this morning, she straightened the long bits out for him. 

I held the litter bin under his head while she trimmed the tufts off, so at least now he looks like a neat and tidy convict. 

Let’s hope that he doesn’t start doing anything else weird like they do when they’re going through the male menopause!

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