Cats in my Garden

Cats in my Garden

Have you seen all the videos of cats that have appeared lately on Facebook, they are so funny. I must state that I’m not a cat hater by any means as I love all animals but it’s hard not to be annoyed when cats in my garden are killing our plants with their toilet habits. And that’s before I get onto them chasing the birds.

I know I’ve moaned about this before, but we seem to be having a spate of yet more cats in the neighbourhood, with one especially. It looks like a young cat, what I call an older kitten, and it isn’t put out by anyone.

Cats in  my Garden – Killing Plants

In our front garden we have plants that have been in there for years and whoever’s cat it is, it’s systematically killing my plants one by one. A very big clump of beautiful peach carnations are completely dead, along with two big clumps of what were beautiful sea thrifts, again many years old. The weather and sea hasn’t killed them but the cats in my garden have. They are a shade of crisp, dead brown, from strong cat wee.

The whole length of the border planting is being destroyed, one by one. When it’s killed one clump it moves onto another. I’ve shoved short sticks into the plants to try and make it uncomfortable when it’s squatting but they must just be laughing their head off at me because that doesn’t stop them. We’ve had electronic cat repellents that emit a noise that they don’t like, still no good.

Someone told Jane that she uses these sticks that you push into the ground which are impregnated with a citrus smell, so we’ve got some of those to try. They’re not harmful to cats might I add. I could get really mad at all the plants that we’ve lost both in the front and back garden so if anyone has any ideas how to humanely stop cats in my garden from weeing and pooing all over the place, please let me know.

It’s not very nice when you are gardening and put your hands in the middle of cat poo, ugh, and that’s happened a lot. I keep wondering how people would feel if I constantly let my dogs go and foul in everyone’s garden, I suppose that would be ‘terrible’ so why can every cat in the neighbourhood come and do it in mine! There’s an outcry over people leaving dog poo and not picking it up, well that is what happens with cats in my experience. I don’t like my garden being used as the local toilet thank you very much.

Cats in my Garden – Catching Birds

As for the ‘kitten’ which looks nearly grown up, it’s sitting in the garden, waiting for birds to come and feed and that’s something I really object to. It has no shame and just ignores us if we shoo it away the little tinker. I know people who have both pedigree and non pedigree cats who keep them in which I would. I wouldn’t want my pet to get run over by a car, disappearing or coming home covered in fleas.

Some years ago Jane had popped to my friends house and her cat ran into the busy road and was killed in front of them both, now that was truly dreadful don’t you think. People always say that it’s a cats nature to roam and kill birds, well fine if that is what they want their pets to do, but can you tell them not to come to our house as we are sick and tired of its habits!!

There’s nothing more upsetting than finding a pile of feathers all over the lawn and in some cases a dead bird. As a result of this latest ‘rush’ of cats in my garden we haven’t had the wild birds about for a good couple of weeks and when they rely on our feeders it’s just not fair. What with the sparrow hawk coming to fill its pantry, we are well fed up I can tell you. I do like cats, I like their personalities and wouldn’t ever harm one, but I do get so fed up of things I have cherished being killed, as I think anyone would, don’t you.

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