Cash Boxes and Brine

Cash Boxes and Brine

What a surprise, it’s blowing a gale and throwing it down with rain, so here we go again, never mind it will soon be Spring I hope. Onto matters local anyway, I thought a lot at the news that at Garstang where they had their Victorian Christmas market, some sticky fingered people took the cash box of the Garstang Rangers who were saving to go on International trips next year.

I certainly think it is terrible that someone can stoop so low as to pinch a cash box used to raise funds for a good cause. But what made me think was the comment that someone said ‘we raise funds every year for the unit and nothing has happened like this before, it’s not what you expect in Garstang’ it did make me wonder if Garstang was above what us ordinary mortals have to put up with.

I don’t expect stealing and vandalism in Cleveleys, but we get it sadly, it’s what happening in our ‘modern’ world where anything goes it seems to me, and it’s getting worse in most towns. Usually the police have a good idea who has committed the ‘crimes’ but it always seems to be the case that they can’t prove it, which seems a good excuse for can’t be bothered.

We never thought that vandals would smash our defibrillator in and didn’t think that would happen in our area, but sadly these people seem to lack the conscience that decent people have and while they are getting away with it, they are going to carry on. So, I am so sorry to hear it happened but welcome to the cruel world that we all seem to live in. 

Where are Friends of the Earth Now?

Even though I knew broadly what was happening, I was also shocked at one of the consequences of Halite’s Energy Scheme to store gas in salt caverns under the River Wyre.

I wonder if you all knew what this means in real terms to the marine life out at sea, well it is dire and with the company being given the green light to start initial construction work next year and early in the year, it makes me wonder where the Fracking mob are, or are they not interested, just as I have said before when it’s not in their back yard.

I will tell you what potentially could happen. Part of the process of gas storage will see water pumped into the salt seams at high pressure to force out the salt that’s left in there, then the gas can be pumped into the space it leaves. The problem starts when the company are pumping out 80,000 cubic metres of brine a day into Morecambe Bay. It’s the equivalent of 926 litres a second, it makes your eyes water doesn’t it.

What will it mean? I will tell you. When huge brine deposits are pumped out every day into the sea off Fleetwood it is most likely to have a detrimental effect on the marine life. There is a campaign group called No Gas Storage who are concerned about a lot of issues such as, the possibility of lethal levels of saline, probably toxic, being released into Morecambe Bay and have real fears that marine life will be destroyed. You don’t need me to tell you that salt water is a disinfectant – you’ve probably used it lots of times to wash wounds, gargle with and maybe to kill slugs in the garden.

At the moment we get dolphins and seals in the sea along with an amazing amount of life in the sea off our coast, which is wonderful to me and shows that at the moment the water is clean or at least a lot better than it used to be. The wildlife that we see is here because there’s a thriving food chain – all the little bitty algae, microscopic creatures, fish and shellfish that make a good diet for bigger fish, birds and mammals – they are all at risk.

The anglers clubs are all concerned about this as they already know what happens when the rain is heavy as the fishing changes due to the salinity of the water. So if they pump all this salt into the sea, they say that it will kill the fish or drive them away.

The chief exec of Halite says that discharge from the brine would have minimal impact 250 metres from the outfall discharge point with, over a ten year period, a maximum accumulation of salt at 0.08% and of course they say that they want to work with the opposition groups to put fears at rest.

Personally, the thought of all that salt being pumped out every day leaves me cold at the thought of what it all would do, but it doesn’t matter in the end what anyone says, because it will almost certainly happen.


Not in my back yard

Now, at risk of being shot down in flames and risking wrath falling on my head, I did say to Jane that I wondered where all the ‘green’ anti-frackers are that have gathered from all over the country now that it’s not in the Lytham area, makes you wonder doesn’t it!

I’ve always said that it smacks of NIMBY and would they care if fracking took place here, well it seems that no, it’s not in their back yard, so what is the answer.

At the end of the day, we all need energy or the world would come to a stop. People don’t like wind turbines, fracking, gas storage, nuclear, or solar farms. They like coal fired and gas fired even less. At the same time we are all using more and more electricity, and if we make the move to electric cars the demand for it will rocket skywards.

But the gas stored under our area is worrying at the thought of explosions or whatever that could take place long term, and even more worrying is the threat to the marine life. So what the answer is to our need for power I don’t know, I wish someone would tell me!

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