Car Parking and Hooligans

Car Parking and Hooligans

Another beautiful sunny day yesterday, aren’t we doing well, but never mind it’s going to rain again today apparently although it should be nice over the weekend, so that will be nice!

Cleveleys beach in summer

Thinking of the weather being nice and lots of visitors coming to the coast, what do you think about the parking situation here in Cleveleys, or is that opening a can of worms.

I know it is a funny subject to some people who seem to see red when parking is mentioned and I can understand why. As you’ll probably have seen, Jane is heading up a Coastal Community Team and parking is on their hit list. She asked the question yesterday of members of the ‘Care for Cleveleys’ Facebook group. Why don’t you join it and be part of the consultation?

Parking in Cleveleys

When we first bought a house in Cleveleys many years ago, there used to be bays with a big R on the floor to say that residents could park there and having a badge we used to pop in a space and say ‘thank goodness for that’ as it could be murder trying to park when it was busy. It didn’t actually mean that the spaces were reserved for residents but it did put a lot of people off from using them which freed up spaces for those of us who live here. Now there aren’t any such spaces and haven’t been for a long time, and I must admit as a resident, it annoys me that I can’t park when I need to do some shopping.

Derby Road West car park, opposite the bus station
Derby Road West car park, opposite the bus station

In Summer when it’s nice weather, getting a parking space is like trying to find gold dust, you are lucky if you can find one and let’s face it, there aren’t all that many spaces in Cleveleys to park in and with all the side streets full it’s not much fun is it especially if you are a visitor and haven’t got a clue where to park.

I would tell anyone who lives in Wyre to get a blue residents badge from the council which enables you to park each day for 2 free hours in towns across Wyre and we personally have saved a fortune in parking fees. The badge is £25 when you first apply and then £10 if you replace it because you’ve got a new car registration number. You might not be able to park outside the shops and you can’t use Rough Lea Road in Cleveleys, but it still is very good value for many, so it surprises me that so many people are resistant to the idea.

We wouldn’t be without one, but the only thing that is annoying is that two hours aren’t long enough and it would be great if you could have your two hours free and be able to top it up with say an hours paid parking, that would be very good. If you are shopping in Cleveleys, two hours passes so quickly and we’ve had many a mad dash back to the car even when we haven’t finished going in all the shops we wanted to, so again, revenue for shopkeepers is being lost on shoppers being restricted to two hours.

A multi storey car park has been mooted a couple of times, but that would need millions of pounds of investment from an operator like NCP – the end results of which would likely be increased parking charges, when everyone would like them to be free. So what the answer is without the appropriate land, I don’t know, but I do know it’s no good attracting visitors unless you can find somewhere for them all to park, don’t you think?

If you’ve got a comment, or a suggestion, please make it on the Care for Cleveleys post. Seriously, it is being looked at by the powers that be, and even if they are small improvements to the situation in Cleveleys, it would be better than nothing. 

The youth of today

Anyway, parking over, what about the children who are running riot in Fleetwood, particularly around the Marine Hall.

Marine Hall Fleetwood

The council says that the problem has rapidly become in danger of being out of control with some of them being only eight or nine, and they seem to think it’s OK to turn into vandals at such a young age.  

There are up to 50 youths gathering and causing damage and intimidating people on the sea front, now that’s a lot of kids don’t you think. They have managed in the latest ‘spree’ to smash three large windows in the Marine Hall and smashed windows in the adjoining YMCA café and the heritage bus shelter across the road at The Mount gardens.

Cars have been damaged, with chalet owners and people going to see shows at Marine Hall being harrassed and abused by youths.

For a start what right minded parent would have their children of eight roaming the streets with feral kids, I certainly wouldn’t and it makes me wonder what kind of society we are allowing our children to create. What’s the matter with some parents, why have children in the first place if you don’t want to look after them properly, it’s not just about feeding and clothing them, it’s about teaching right from wrong and all the things any decent parent would do.

It seems ridiculous that they would want to smash their own town time after time, and in my opinion, no matter how old they are, they should be named and shamed and their parents made responsible for their children’s behaviour, but we all know that will never happen. Jane was speaking to someone yesterday who said ‘there’s not much for them to do’. If I hear that one more time I think I will scream the place down as I am so sick of hearing that time worn excuse.

We’ve all been young, all been teenagers, all been bored, but we didn’t think it was OK to behave like these children and others all over the country. It’s no excuse at all to run wild and smash up everything you can find and it’s not before time that schools and parents brought back discipline into their lives because after all, what kind of adults are they going to become! I could go on forever but had better call a stop to it as I am so passionate about what is happening in this world that we are creating and my blood pressure is soaring as I speak, so bye for now everyone.

What do you think?

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Cleveleys, shop in the town once a week, or love coming on holiday, we want to know what your views are on parking. How once a year shoppers feel is just as important and relevant as frequent fliers, so please register your views and ideas in the Care for Cleveleys group – and join the group too!

What do you think about teenagers running riot? Why don’t you join the conversation on my Facebook page at Chrissie Blogger and on Twitter @ChrissiesBlog

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