Busy Week at the Seaside

Busy Week at the Seaside

My three were busy pipe watching on Tuesday night as they didn’t want to miss anything. Derek couldn’t see it and was looking in the wrong place, so I nonchalantly got up had a quick look and told him where it was – what would they do without me!

It was obvious that the main docking would be done overnight so first thing yesterday morning there Jane was, nagging at Kevin to take her to Anchorsholme to see what was happening.

Watching pipe installation

After all that waiting for it to come and watching it, poor Derek wasn’t feeling too good so they had to go without him, ahhhh what a shame after all that anticipation.

Watching pipe installation

You can read about the project here if you have got no idea what I’m talking about!

Kevin had to take her as she still can’t drive and was then meeting someone in Cleveleys from the council to discuss what was happening with the Coastal Community Team which she chairs. She was going to walk back to town but luckily a friend had also gone to see what was happening on the beach so he gave her a lift and saved her legs!

Back in Cleveleys, they’d gone to meet some men from Kirkham Open Prison who are coming one day a week to paint all the bollards (under supervision of course) and a good job they are doing too.

HMP Kirkham painting the bollards in Cleveleys

I would never have believed that there were so many bollards, the guy reckons there well over three hundred, and all looking quite grotty with the ones that they have already done looking a lot smarter than their shoddy equals.

They are prepared to come one day a week until all the jobs that want doing are done, no matter how long it takes, so look forward to a lot smarter Cleveleys at last! If I say so myself Jane is certainly getting into the swing of things in her role as Chairwoman of the group and is hell bent on making Cleveleys a better place, with lots of ideas going round in her head already. With the team that are working with her, all nice people who get on well together and are equally enthusiastic and ready to do a good job, I’m sure she will pull it all off with their help. I sure am one proud mum as she is so determined in everything that she does and has taken her adopted town to heart and wants the best for it.

New in at Blackpool Vic

Back onto the NHS and the news that the Vic have around 35 trainee doctors, fresh from medical school, who are going to work with senior doctors as part of their ongoing training. They rotate in blocks of four months at a time, which will cover different aspects of the place. So for two years they will be learning what each department is like and probably getting a taste as well for what they would like to do when they are older, eg, geriatrics, paediatrics, A&E and all the rest.

It’s nice to know that they are carrying through their training and not dropping out or whatever as hospitals and GP surgeries are crying out for new doctors as we all know. I have heard good and bad reports of the place, although nearly everyone praises the actual staff to high heaven as being really nice and putting them at ease, which is what we all want when we are stressed.

We have had first hand experience of things going wrong with the administration and the system that the Vic/NHS uses to operate within, which isn’t too good, with the left hand not knowing what the right hand are doing. Jane has been messed about like nobody’s business but thankfully she has managed to get her appointment sorted out at last but it does leave you thinking that something is very wrong with the system. Maybe I can tell you about it soon but not yet!

Blackpool Air Show

Just a bit of news on the topical side now as the Red Arrows are coming back to Blackpool on Friday ready for the Blackpool Air Show this weekend. They are closing the air show on both days with their brilliant feats so that will be good, hopefully we will see it again from here at home as we usually do.

Red Arrows at Blackpool Airshow

It seems that the Red Arrows haven’t been based out of Blackpool Airport for a couple of years because of the problems with the airport in October 2014 because it was re-opened without the full emergency and fire cover, which I can understand. 

The airport staff have worked hard to make sure that fire and emergency cover are of a high enough standard to let them land here, so luckily, the work has paid off and on Friday they come back to us at Blackpool. If you don’t know, the show starts each day at 1.15pm and ends at 4pm with the Red Arrows, so if you want to go and join in the fun go along and enjoy the sights.

In case anyone is wondering, the team have had to use bases further away from here at airports that are a lot more difficult and busier than they would like, so welcome back chaps, we are all looking forward to your spectacular show!

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