Bright, Sunshiney Days

Bright, Sunshiney Days

I never heard a thing the other night when we had that storm. Well that’s not quite true, I did sort of wake up a tiny bit and thought ‘oh it’s raining, is that thunder I can hear’ and promptly went back to my snoring.

My other three all woke up and heard the thunder and lightning and the torrential rain, but I just was oblivious until I woke up properly and it was still throwing it down, and very heavily too. Hard to believe but then we had lots of lovely sunshine and it was warm with it too.

Sunny summer days on Cleveleys beach

From the weather map it seems that only our area was getting the storms. I thought it was a bit of a rum deal but all is forgiven as I enjoyed the sun and we’ve had a few nice days since then, hip hip hooray and all that. Today (Sunday) sounds like it might not be so nice, so we’ll see.

Grand Greenhouse Plans for Fleetwood

I thought I would talk a bit today about things that are happening locally as I thought you might be interested if you don’t know so here goes.

Have you seen the plans which are under discussion, to build a huge greenhouse in the dockland area of Fleetwood, which is looking rather neglected to say the least.

There’s an artists impression of it which looks very posh, and with the Wyre Dock Development Company showing an interest in developing docks who knows! There has been a meeting with ABP and Lancashire County Council to discuss the plans, so along with other ideas to develop the eye sore of land that it is now, it would be good I think to have something to be proud of on the land. The story in the Gazette last week is here if you want to read it.

They want to regenerate the dock land with botanic greenhouse which will house Chinese plants, not sure why they are having them but there you go, that is the suggestion. Also, they could maybe have a hotel, seafood restaurant and a tramway heritage centre so it’s to be hoped that eventually they could all agree on something that would improve the area as I think Fleetwood has a lot to offer.

What with the new barrage being built and if this came off, it can only do good for the town don’t you think? There is a similar greenhouse in Sheffield in front of the town hall and it’s quite lovely to go in there and see all the plants that they have. You can just walk through it and enjoy the tropical theme that you feel when inside it, so I hope the ‘Chinese plants’ do as well. I still wonder why they have picked Chinese plants, not that I’ve got anything against Chinese plants, but what are Chinese plants other than bamboos and that sort of stuff, maybe someone will enlighten my ignorance!

Good shut to an eyesore

The next thing I would like to share with you was  the proposition of knocking down the buildings on the corner of Chapel Street and the Promenade, opposite the Central Pier.

Blackpool Central prom opposite central pier

Planning permission was asked for about three years ago for a £10 million pound scheme but as some do, it fell by the wayside and didn’t happen.

The developers would now like to start againm as that planning has lapsed, and knock down buildings between Chapel Street, Foxhall Road and York Street, which at the moment is used as a fancy goods stall, fast food outlet and two licensed premises all on the ground floor while the upper floor is now empty after being used as a former nightclub. So there will be a fair bit of land to go at don’t you think!

They want to build a five story hotel on the site with 119 bedrooms on the upper floors with a coffee shop, restaurant and pub on the ground floor. It looks like the architect has proposed an Art Deco look with a rotunda at the end which will look towards the Tower. Although it will have its own car park for guests it would also have to rely also on existing car parks in the area.

Now personally, I think it is a step towards getting rid of some of the grotty shops and buildings that blight the seafront which I know a lot of people agree with. It’s that ‘look’ that makes Blackpool look tacky with buildings that always remind me of Charles Dickens and his drawings of the time. Some of the dwellings and buildings, especially in the centre of Blackpool which is the bit visitors judge us on, are well past their sell by date, don’t you think.

I appreciate that the whole lot could do with flattening but it isn’t going to happen, only bit by bit, but some of it is cringeworthy in my opinion. Although what the hoteliers will have to say is quite obvious, and doesn’t take Albert Einstein to work out.

There will be another outcry of ‘I can’t fill my hotel and that’s more competition’ so they should look at their property with the eyes of visitors and see why they aren’t filling them up, in my opinion. Myself, I really don’t like anything Art Deco, but that’s my personal taste. And as for parking somewhere else and leaving my car goodness knows where, that’s not for me either. But good luck to them all, as it will start to break the cycle of tatty shops and buildings hopefully. Whatever the outcome I’m sure it will be interesting, Mmmmmm !!

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