Boys Toys

Boys Toys

Another lovely day yesterday, if a bit blowy, but my men actually volunteered to clean the windows outside and I didn’t even ask. I think they are as fed up as me with them being dirty but the weather has been so poor on and off for the last few weeks that there’s been no point bothering. Would you believe it wasn’t blowy yesterday morning but it did get up later so fingers crossed that it won’t cover the windows in sand, oh what joy!

Boys Toys

On Friday afternoon Derek and Kevin decided to play at boys again and took themselves off to Fleetwood to look at the yachts that were racing on the boating lake.

Model yachting competition at Fleetwood boating lake

They’ve been on about it all week and if I’ve heard once that people come from all over the world I’ve heard it a million times, if you know what I mean.

My hubby can get quite excited when he wants about the most odd things, model railways, yachts, model size of course as he hates water and all such things. I think he tries to recreate his youth as like me, in those days we didn’t get much in the way of toys so he enjoys what he would have liked when he was a boy and didn’t get.

And more boys toys!

My tomboy little girl Jane always wanted a toy garage and to this day she still keeps telling me that she really really wanted one, although we did buy her lots of those dinky type cars that you got in matchboxes and such like and without a ‘proper’ garage she had loads of Lego including a full road layout system.

1970s Fisher Price Garage
This was the Fisher Price Garage that Jane always wanted!

Can you remember them, I don’t know if they still do them but anyway, at least she had roads to ‘drive’ her cars on with her dad even if she couldn’t go to her garage and fill up with petrol! She was always a tomboy and still is really, I wanted a little girl that was dainty and girlish and I got a boy!

Building sandcastles

Her hair was very fine, blonde and wispy when she was a toddler so was quite short and not a lot of it and I was continually asked if she was a boy! We were waiting for an ice cream at the van that used to come on our road and when  we got served the ice cream man asked me what ‘he’ wanted. I wouldn’t have minded, but there she was in her pretty frilly dress for all the world to see so maybe it was because it was blue he automatically thought she was a boy. I nearly told him that she or I hadn’t a gender problem but in those days it wasn’t mentioned and after all, she was only about 18 months old!

Up to starting school, Jane was always at her happiest covered in sludge and as dirty as she could get, she loved making mud pies and built herself a pretend oven to pretend cook on them and then packed them up into boxes to sell, you see was enterprising even in those days!

When she was a toddler, Derek was on holiday for the Summer from his job and was doing a small building project with her daddy, so again she was in her element with her small seaside spade and bucket digging away for victory. The doorbell rang and there was the health visitor come to check up on her for her last visit that they did in those days, so there I was apologising profusely that she was covered in soil from head to foot but when I fetched her in to see her, I think Jane’s broad grin out of her sludgy mouth and face did the trick as she was passed A1. Don’t forget, in those days things weren’t like they are today and were a lot less relaxed and more formal for doctors, health visitors and all the rest.

Our little lad

When Derek and I were young, money wasn’t top of the list to be spent on toys and such like. In our house there was a distinct lack of it, even though my dad worked like a donkey in a hard, filthy underground environment seven days a week, while Derek’s family being ‘better off’ and with a car and lovely house still didn’t give him much in the way of boys toys.

There certainly weren’t all the toys to pick from like there is today, just a few toy shops with the normal stuff you found in them so apart from not affording toys and luxuries, there wasn’t all that much to pick from. I used to say to Jane when she was little that she had loads of things to look at compared to when we were young and now she’s saying that there is such a lot of stuff and dedicated super stores for children’s things, never mind all the electronic stuff they all want.

I’m just glad I’m not starting with young children as it must cost the poor parents a fortune, especially if you have a few but it is interesting to see how things change from generation to generation, don’t you think!

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