Body on the Beach and Bugs in the Pipes

Body on the Beach and Bugs in the Pipes

After a lovely day the other day, we are on the seesaw again as we have had very heavy rain and winds lashings at our windows and quite cool it was with it, so on goes the central heating. I keep wondering why we get such awful weather as we do, as it’s certainly not been fantastic this year has it. It’s a wonder it didn’t throw it down on Tuesday as it usually waits until we have a supermarket day and then slings it down, so the Gods were smiling favourably on us for once!

Jane went to see someone in Cleveleys on Tuesday morning (work related not leisure) and as she was driving there she saw by the Plaza loads of police cars, ambulances you name it there they were. Intrigued as to what was happening, at a discrete distance she took a photo of all the emergency services.

Body washed up at Cleveleys, 10 October 2017

She did ask someone what was happening, having already come to the correct conclusion herself, as yet again another body had been washed up onto the steps at Cleveleys, which someone had reported at 8am. She didn’t go over and have a look as that’s not what any right minded person would do, after all it’s definitely not something you would want to see is it!

She was talking to someone later who had been there and he reported that it was the body of a man in rather an awful state, I won’t go into details as they aren’t very nice, but there does seem to have been an awful lot of bodies in the sea this year. What a shame for this poor man and his family, RIP.

I did wonder why there were so many police and ambulances there as obviously nothing could be done for him, which was obvious with the state of the body, but it did seem to be a bit over the top to have so many there when nothing could be done to help the man. Especially when you can’t get a police car to come out for love nor money when you want one!

Bugs in the Pipes

I see that United Utilities are in a spot of bother over the cryptosporidium outbreak that we had in 2015. Gosh, it doesn’t seem to be so long ago does it, I got quite a shock when I heard the date.

Anyway, The bosses were in Preston Crown Court this week and pleaded guilty to supplying water to us from the Franklaw Water treatment works at Catterall, Garstang, on the grounds that it was unfit for human consumption and don’t we know it was! For the first time it was revealed where the outbreak came from, something that was kept very quiet might I add. It seems that Catterall was introducing water from the Barnacre reservoir which is, I suppose, in the middle of nowhere, because the usual supply was having maintenance work done.

No risk assessment was carried out on the ‘new water’ supply and unfortunately the water was added at a stage after the usual process to remove cryptosporidium! Bad move there then, shouldn’t they have known better I ask myself, obviously no because it contaminated the water supply. Tut tut, that was a silly thing to do I think especially as the reservoir is underground and can take in ‘hazards’ from the surrounding environmental and structural defects which allowed the bugs in, possibly a dead animal or faeces from farm animals, yuk!

It’s said to be the largest event of its kind since privatisation of the water industry and left us in a bit of a pickle for a month which is a long time when you have to boil every drop of water, don’t you think.

There is a filter in place, quite a large one I believe (it sounds much like our pond filter system but a lot bigger I suppose) and when this was tested in their own lab, lo and behold the nasty bug was present. I bet somebody’s heart fell and panic happened don’t you, goodness me. As it was present in the pad, it was tested in a more widespread area and the bug found to be present. As it causes diarrhoea, oh yuckey do da, obviously Public Health got involved and off they went trying to track the source.

There was a delay before us ‘mushrooms’ were actually told to start boiling water before we used it, and before the ultra violet radiation was used to zap it, again we have one of those on our pond which does just that. As a result of all this, United Utilities have to pay £300,000 fine and £150,000 in costs, so that’s called hit them where it hurts in their pockets. We were a month, along with 750,000 other people, doing what we were doing. Trying to break the National Grid, as so many of us had to boil water, even for brushing teeth. It was amazing what we did to keep safe, but not something I would want to repeat thank you.

We did get a small payback to try and offset the electric bill, although my poor kettle was ready for a protest of its own by the time it had spent a month being on nearly all day. Myself, I just hope this doesn’t happen again, but like all public bodies they seem to think the general public should be kept in the dark and told nothing. That’s a big mistake as when the public aren’t informed, what do they do, make it up in a game of Chinese Whispers. So if a bit of common sense and information stops this, why not tell people what is happening, and that goes for councils too!

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