Big Plans

Big Plans

First of all a word on the weather and chit-chat from Chrissie Towers. Didn’t we have a cloud burst on Thursday, the rain came down so much it just looked like sheets of water here. It did wash the windows clean, but then came the wind and there we go again, opaque glass thanks to the sand and salt!

The other day, I had first one and then the other come up to me and ask if I’d decided to do a bit of self hair dyeing to which I looked puzzled as I hadn’t got a clue what they were on about. It seems a big patch of my hair had turned bright orangey yellow, so when I assured them that I hadn’t gone mad altogether we realised what it was.

Kevin had bought Jane some lovely white lilies at the weekend which were still in bud. Well they have started to open and have, as you will know, the most beautiful perfume.


I couldn’t resist having a close-up smell and of course the stamens had brushed my hair leaving me with a bright orange patch on my head. Mystery solved and my three breathing a sigh of relief that I hadn’t run amok with a bleach packet just in one part of my hair, all returned to normal.

Poor Derek, I was quite surprised when Kevin turned up with lilies as he can’t stand the smell of them, so he bravely didn’t say a word when they started to open and I presume is suffering in silence as every time we say how lovely they smell, he slides further down into the settee, poor thing.

Plans for Central Car Park

Anyway, domestic matters done with, did you know that Simon Blackburn and Alan Cavill from Blackpool Council are in Florida? They’re having a meeting with suppliers and developers and attending a national association of amusement parks and attractions conference in Orange County, lucky for them!

They went last year too as part of a council funded delegation, where they signed with a potential developer for the Central car park site in Blackpool.

Car park

It looks as though the plans are hush-hush but the council say that they are working with developers from all over the world to put together something that will be an all year round attraction, and what they have come up with so far sounds good to the council.

They have signed an exclusivity and non-disclosure agreement with the council saying they are hoping to get cracking with the ‘secret’ whatever it is as soon as possible!

A Tory councillor has said that the council should be more open about the site, which I agree with, and he seems to think that from the small amount of information he has received that it will be an all year round attraction, indoor and centred around a themed hotel with retail. He goes on to say that it must have the ‘wow’ factor and not get tired and old hat, which I also agree with.

Goodness knows what the hoteliers in Blackpool will make of that when they know that yet another hotel is going up in the town. Before the council have finished there will be plenty of accommodation of a top rate standard. That means to me that the good hoteliers of Blackpool will have to up their ante and make sure that their hotels are of the best standard and quality too.


Fleetwood Dock Plans

So while I’m talking about new developments, I must mention the plans for the Fleetwood dock area and a plan that has been released showing what they hope to do with that.

It’s a business man called Frank Heald who I personally don’t know much about, but he is hoping to re-vitalise a part of Fleetwood that has become run down and bring new jobs and regeneration to the town.

There was an invitation-only meeting this week but they are going to have a full public meeting later. The plans do sound good as they include a hotel, restaurant and a botanical themed visitor attraction.

Also a transport and heritage centre, an exhibition hall, retail, leisure and a residential area as well as a hub for the towns fish trading centre. If that comes off it will be a great shot in the arm for Fleetwood which has long been needed. Good luck to him for having the foresight to get Fleetwood back on the map, so we will have to see what the future holds won’t we!!

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