Beautiful Weather, Crossleys Bridge, Conference Centre and a Pet Minister!

Beautiful Weather, Crossleys Bridge, Conference Centre and a Pet Minister!

Someone once said that you can tell that you’re talking to a friend when the conversation seamlessly goes from what you had for your tea to haemmaroids without either of you noticing, and that’s a bit what I thought with the contents of todays blog!

Anyway, I’ll start with the weather… are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin….

It was another beautiful day for us here at Cleveleys yesterday, although this morning (Tuesday) it sounds like a wind has got up. Sunday was really warm except when you were in the shade then it had a nip to remind us that it’s still the beginning of April.

Cleveleys seafront 1.4.17

Jane and I had a walk on the front on Sunday afternoon as Derek was under the weather and Kevin wanted to clean the pond filters while it was nice, so off we went to join all the others who were strolling about and on the beach.

Chrissie at Cleveleys on Sunday

To say it was the beginning of April you would have thought it was a hot day in Summer by the amount of people that we saw, but everyone has had enough of Winter and wants the nice weather again and can you blame them.

We saw a friend of ours as we walked along the prom, who looked deep in thought so we plonked on the bench with her and had a nice chat in the lovely sun.

Chrissie chatting on seafront

We were all saying how lucky we were to live in such a beautiful place and how we never got tired of looking over the sea, I for one certainly wouldn’t go back inland after living all these years on the sea front, I absolutely love it, it’s like being on holiday all the time so that can’t be bad can it!

Crossleys Bridge

I thought I would cover a few local matters today, the first being that Crossley’s Bridge is partially opening on Friday this week after being closed since last November, I bet a lot of people are cheering at that news as it is such a busy road over there. You can read about Crossleys Bridge project here.

All of this week will be taken up by contractors installing street lights, laying new footpaths and resurfacing Plymouth Road with the first layer of asphalt. When that is complete work will begin on dismantling the temporary bridge which was erected last year to be used by pedestrians and cyclists. All the cables and pipes are to be moved back under the main bridge but even though part of the bridge is to open there will still be restrictions until the work is carried out.

I know it has been a pain in the neck to a lot of people but you can’t make an omelette without cracking an egg as they say and I’m sure it will all be for the greater good when it’s finished, so here’s hoping! Derek has had a few hospital appointments while all this went on which meant a lot of detours and allowing time for appointments, but when things have to be done, we just have to get on with it don’t we, after all we have no choice do we!

Conference Centre a go-go

Did you know that Blackpool is to be given £2.9 million in additional funding toward the £25 million cost of the new conference centre. The £2.9m comes from the Coastal Communities fund, and £15 million from the Governments Growth deal.

It’s good news for Blackpool as work can begin this Autumn to start building the Conference Centre on the side of the Winter Gardens overlooking Leopold Grove.

Winter Gardens Conference Centre

The centre is due to open in 2019 and will house 7,000 delegates, so it must be a good size and hopefully will attract people to use its conference facilities because after all, these people will spend money in our shops, restaurants and hotels which can only help to sustain the town I would think.

Anything that helps Blackpool to thrive is wonderful in my opinion and with all the work that’s been done this last few years I bet other seaside towns wish they could have so much redevelopment done as we have. Blackpool Council certainly make it crack when they apply for funding for different projects with one scheme after the other being accomplished over the years and good luck to them. I just wish our council would draw down funds from grants etc for Cleveleys, which does tend to be forgotten when anything is in the pipeline.

You can read all about the Blackpool Conference Centre project here with photos of what it looks like now, for before and after.

Pet Minister

The last thing that I will mention is the news that there will be a first time minister in our area to help with pet bereavement, yes, you heard right, pet bereavement to help heartbroken people come to terms with losing their pets. A woman from Fleetwood is Britain’s first pet minister and was ordained at a church in Southport.

Now being an avid dog lover, I can see the value in this scheme – people who don’t love cats, dogs and animals might think we are crackers for mourning an animal.

The minister can go to peoples’ houses when a pet is very poorly and the end of its life is approaching, to say prayers and comfort the family and to help them come to terms with their death. She will even take the pet to the vets to have the animal put to sleep if they can’t face it themselves and can arrange a burial service in the owners garden for any kind of pet, if that is what you would like, to help the owners to find some peace.

I have had some of my dogs put to sleep while on my knee where they felt safe and loved while it absolutely broke my heart, because to have a dog with you constantly for many years giving you unconditional love and then for it to pass away is so painful. They are ‘children’ to many people and provide love and companionship to so many.

I still miss all my ‘past dogs’ but someone who has never owned a pet might think it’s a bit strange to feel like this as they haven’t experienced the bond and love that we get from our little friends. So maybe she will bring comfort to some people who need it, time will tell.

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