Beautiful Day for a Royal Wedding Street Party

Beautiful Day for a Royal Wedding Street Party

What a super day it was yesterday with the sun out and the sea calm, it’s been really lovely here as it was the day before, with fabulous sunsets too. What more could you want.

Sunset in Cleveleys on 19.2.18

Royal Wedding Day

Speaking of lovely weather, I wonder what it will be like on the day that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle marry, if it’s anything like yesterday it will be lovely.

There has been a lot of talk in the press lately about everyone having street parties to celebrate the big day and it seems that local authorities across the country have been urged by central government to get rid of all the rules that will stop people from enjoying the wedding day.

For example, waiving road charges to close roads which can be pretty hefty. Here in Lancashire it costs about £1000 for any road closure, with umpteen weeks notice and a lot of paperwork to complete. 

This of course will allow people to organise street parties to celebrate their big day, and get their thinking caps on as to how to make it a day to remember. Wyre Council will not charge for road closures, wow I must say, and are to allow street parties to take place as long of course, as health and safety standards are met.

Anyone in Blackpool can look on Safety Advisory group on the council website. People in Wyre can look for ‘hosting an event in Wyre, on the Wyre Council website. While Fylde residents can email where hopefully you can find useful information out. I haven’t looked myself so don’t know what you can learn but if you are interested in a street party maybe that will help you.

Of course, a street party is also reliant on decent weather and with our country getting some pretty poor days in Summer, goodness knows what will happen then. And of course, don’t forget the wind, how could I living here, I can just imagine paper tablecloths, cups, plates and all the rest of the things from a street party going sailing over the sea wall. Well at least it would be paper and not plastic looking on the bright side!

Our last street party

The last time I went to a street party was when Diana married Charles. Some of the younger ones on the road where we lived decided it would be nice to do just that and have a street party, but what a lot of work they took on.

At the time, there were quite a lot of children lived on there so the mums with children, well just two or three of them actually, decided to roll their sleeves up and organise a do fit for a Prince and Princess!

Charles and Diana Street Party 1981

First of all they went door to door to see how many would like to come to a street party and lots of older people and younger ones wanted to be part of it, so then they set off asking for money for food or donations of food and promises of what people would make for the big day. I made a trifle along with giving things and by and large they eventually got enough ‘stuff’ to make a decent party.

The big day came and lots of lovely sunshine, so out went the tables and with chairs and stools borrowed from everyone eventually the red white and blue trimmings and paper tablecloths were laid.

Next all the food, with people swarming onto the road with food that had been promised although I’m still not sure who made all the sandwiches, mountains of them might I add. Of course the children loved it and what a sight to see everyone happy and laughing on a beautiful day.

Charles and Diana Street Party 1981

I think that some of the mums who had organised it were a bit frayed shall we say because of everything they had to do. There were party games and photos taken and all in all it was a happy day.

Charles and Diana Street Party 1981

It was still going strong at night, with the adults by this time singing and drinking their heads off, with I would imagine a lot of sore heads the morning after! We left before they all got drunk on a heap as a full day of fresh air and sunshine was enough for us and we were ready for a sit down and a bit of quiet as the party was anything but quiet believe me.

Once is enough

Put it this way, I can’t remember what it was, but there was an occasion when another street party was mentioned when the organisers of the last one said they weren’t doing another one, although it would have been nice to. I can’t see anyone organising one on Rossall Prom though, nice though it would be but as anyone knows, the organisation that goes into something like that and the responsibility is quite a lot of work for whoever runs it. So good luck to all the streets who will hold one, and enjoy yourselves.

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