Back to the NHS

Back to the NHS

But first, as is customary, the weather.

Well we were all warned about the ferocious gales and the threat of heaven knows what coming over the sea wall and thank goodness it didn’t. Weren’t we lucky. I was dreading Wednesday night after all the Amber warnings and everything else we were threatened with. When I went to sleep at about 1am, I couldn’t hear the wind in the back of the house at all.

Derek said he’d woken at 2am as the wind was pretty hefty, but yours truly slept through it and although it’s still windy now it’s nothing like we were forecast thank goodness! I expected to find an oak tree or something else in the front garden after what we’d been told, so at least we didn’t get something so awful. 

Yesterday we kept seeing the most beautiful rainbows, as it couldn’t make it’s mind up where to rain or be sunny!

Rainbow over Rossall Beach at Cleveleys

I hope other people got off as lightly as we did as there’s not exactly much between us and the sea, just a road so we were very lucky indeed.

Doesn’t Scotland always get bad weather in winter?

I’m a bit puzzled why the BBC keep showing snow in Scotland and blocked roads. Am I missing something here or is it still January when you can expect rotten weather, never mind Scotland who are so far North they are going to get worse weather than us.

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s me or them, when they keep telling us about blocked roads and people stuck in cars when they know that the weather is going to be like that up North. Why don’t they keep off the roads unless it’s vital or take plenty with them when they have to go out to keep warm, along with a flask or food. It makes me wonder why the BBC have gone on and on and on, unless they wanted something to fill gaps in between talking about Carillon!

Back to the NHS

I think I might just have to mention the NHS today as I’ve kept quiet for quite a while now so here goes.

What does anyone think about the state of the NHS as it is continually being brought to the surface? Whether it’s because the news channels haven’t got much else that’s exciting to tell us about I’m not sure, but until Carillon and their debacle it was all we seem to have heard for ages.

The trouble with the NHS

I have gone on like a worn out record about the running of the NHS where solutions are staring them in their faces, but nothing seems to happen. We all know about the nine hours waiting in a corridor caper, which is so distressing for patients and their families, along with the nurses in A&E who are trying to keep on top of the loads of people who arrive, some of whom think it’s an extension of their GP’s surgeries. They should all do what one hospital is doing and have a doctors surgery next to A&E where patients are sent when they’ve been triaged if they don’t actually need A&E.

Myself, being the hard hearted person that I appear to be (I’m not really, I’m too soft hearted by half) I just wouldn’t entertain all the time wasters. They could use some common sense or realise that they should be seeing their own GP, but hold on, they might have to wait a week or so, so off they pop to A&E. Is there any wonder that the places are bursting at the seams?

I don’t know how some of the nurses and doctors keep their patience when they see some of the people who have turned up for something or nothing. When I was younger, and I don’t mean sixteen, people went to hospital when they absolutely had to, as hospitals were seen as places where you went when it was desperate, not when you have a sore throat or cut a finger. Today it seems to be getting worse and worse, this need-to dash-to-hospital for the least little thing.

It’s hardly fair on the people who are genuinely ill or need emergency treatment when the place is cluttered up with police, drunks, druggies and all the rest. I know people who have been to A&E and said it’s like a war zone with fighting, drunks and people off their head on this, that or the other. They should be given a bill and charged for taking time up for a self induced problem, not want treatment before people who are ill through no fault of their own!

Where is it all going to end up, worrying is the least word to use, the places are in melt down. It’s not going to improve until someone does something about the bad management and all the other wastage problems throughout the NHS. For example, surgeons refusing to operate without the most expensive equipment when a cheaper brand is exactly the same. The managers should be telling them to get on with it as they are there to save lives not wanting to be treated as though they are Gods.

I could go on forever but it’s all the same things that I keep saying. To so many people it is so obvious what is ailing our NHS. Immigration, if anyone dare say it, the changes made to our health of how we live, drunks, drugs and people coming to all seaside places to have a nice view while cluttering the place up with beggars and druggies.

When we were in Blackpool on Tuesday we saw a man sitting on a bench outside KFC in ther freezing cold and wind, obviously off his head and away in another place, poor soul. When will someone say enough is enough and stop talking about it and start doing something? I’m not holding my breath!!

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