Are you with me on Facebook?

Are you with me on Facebook?

Hello everyone, here I am again, all confused about the new changes that Facebook are making for everyone.

I don’t know if you are aware of it or not but it officially kicks in in the next couple of weeks so I have had to create a new ‘Chrissie Bloggers Facebook Group’ which you will all have to join if you want to keep getting my ramblings in your news feed.

Here it is, please join at

Chrissie Blogger Facebook Group

So what’s happening at Facebook?

Apparently Facebook are stopping businesses from clogging up peoples’ newsfeed with what is effectively free advertising.

The problem is that all of the publishers such as us (ie myself, and all of Visit Fylde Coast) will get lumped underneath that umbrella so to get round it Jane has made me a Facebook group to hopefully avoid the problem, because they have been prioritising Groups over Pages for about the last year.

Apparently my Chrissie Blogger page will be there but there is a chance that you won’t see it in your news feed.

I’ve been complaining for a while now that I don’t get posts from such and such a page, and this change has been becoming more and more obvious. The trick to make sure you keep getting things has always been to Like, Share and Comment – then Facebook thinks you are interested in that page and keeps showing their posts to you. It will be interesting to see if that still works. 

Big Announcement

Jane has been banging on about it now for a while and was on TV on Friday that they are making this change. It will mean that you get more of the interesting stuff and news from your friends and family which is fair enough. Luckily we don’t depend on Facebook for our web traffic as a lot of people do.

If she hadn’t been able to sort me out I don’t know what I would have done. I understand what is happening but how to get round it would have been another matter altogether as I am no computer whizz-kid by far, so as long as you join my group we should be OK.

It’s going to hit a lot of companies hard as they rely so heavily on Facebook to sell their ‘stuff’ whatever it might be. The forecast is that it will put a lot of publishing businesses out of business, such is their dependency. As I see it the only alternative is to pay for advertising which a lot won’t want to do when they have had it for nothing! Myself I don’t see me as a ‘business’ but apparently I am lumped under that heading because it’s a Page that you Like – so it’s bye-bye Chrissie or toe the line!

How many knots make five?

I can just imagine what a mess up I would have made of this if I was left to my own devices, I would probably disappear without a trace into the great black oblivion hole called Facebook, so at least I can still function!

Now you see us on Facebook then you won't

I suppose it’s been a bit like me trying to explain to my mum how the pump works in a pond.

She could never get the idea that the water was circulated round through pipes and it was the same water. She thought there was an endless supply of water being pumped into the pond and disappearing to goodness knows where. It’s a good job it didn’t or we would have been floating down the road on millions of tons of water!

I do get the Facebook idea and will have to just get used to using things differently. Having said that if anyone had told me a few years ago that I would have known how to turn a computer on never mind learn all that I have done I would have called them a fibber. I don’t think any of us ‘oldies’ realise how far we have come in a few short years and now I can’t imagine not being able to use a computer.

And Finally on the subject of Facebook…

The very best way to make sure that you don’t miss out on my ramblings is to sign up for our weekly Visit Fylde Coast enewsletter. Straight into your in-box, with all my blogs, plus lots of information and updates and a full list each week of events and what’s on. 

Sign up for your own Visit Fylde Coast enews here and tell all your friends to sign up too!

Please also join the new Visit Fylde Coast Facebook Group – for the same reason!

If you want to know a bit more detail about the trouble with Facebook you can read Jane’s piece here

Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases

Onto more topical matters after my Facebook ‘lecture’, what about the flu that is hitting all over the country?

Flu, colds and virus

It’s not far off from being an epidemic by the sound of it so I’m hoping that it doesn’t strike my family, or anyone else for that matter. I know people who have had this years flu or are in the middle of it and they say it is awful and makes you feel really ill. If you walk around saying you have flu you don’t – it literally puts you in bed and makes you feel so poorly.

I’ve had flu a few times over the years and I haven’t even been able to sit up in bed never mind anything else, so I feel for all the people who are suffering as it is an awful virus. I thought the flu jab that we have had would help to prevent it even though I know it’s not fool proof if the strain pops up that hasn’t been accounted for in our flu jabs. But knowing someone who had the ‘jab’ and has just recovered from it, it does make me wonder.

I read a couple of weeks ago that the flu jab in the over 65’s doesn’t always work properly and a new vaccine is being brought out as we speak that will work but you have to be 75 or over to get it so that rules me out!

If you want to beat flu…

Having said that I also read a snippet that if you want to get fit you should eat algae scientists say. Pond living chlorella can help stave off colds and flu by bolstering the body’s defences and is already regarded as a superfood which boosts the brain. Get me some quick, although we have a pond but I haven’t seen any algae on it with the filtering system we’ve got.

I’d better go out with the fish-catching-net and see if I can scoop some up, failing that there’s a lot of sea in front of me, now where did I put my wellies. I don’t know where you get the algae from but if anyone finds out let me know as I could do with my immune system boosting and could definitely do with some brain power. Mmmmm  I wonder if I know anyone else who has a pond with algae in it!!!

Now join me on Facebook…

Even if (especially if) you follow my Chrissie Blogger Page, join my new Chrissie Blogger Facebook Group

I’m also on Twitter @ChrissiesBlog

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