All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front

Halloween lanterns

Halloween was very quiet on our prom, it was business as usual without the sound of a child anywhere. That could be to do with the fact that it was blowing a gale and there don’t seem to be many children about here. As there are a lot of bungalows behind us, it’s sort of us oldies that live around here and make up the population!

It’s a bit different from when I lived in Yorkshire, where the older kids were a lot more, shall we say forceful, making us a bit nervous as to what they were going to do.

I myself think Halloween is fine for the younger children who get a thrill out of dressing up and getting a few sweets and it ought to stop that way, not have older teens making you wonder if your plant pots were still going to be there!

When we were coming back from the supermarket we saw two girls who looked about nine dashing across the road at Bispham all dressed up for what I assumed was a party. One was dressed in black from head to foot with a lovely black tutu on, while the other was a bit more scary but ooh they did look excited, it took me back to when Jane was young and doing the same sort of things with friends, where did the years go?!

I was perfectly happy in my nightie after a nice bath, snuggled up watching TV, as it wasn’t half blowing out there and what a nice feeling knowing you didn’t have to go out in it and get frozen and blown away.

Stop the stockpiling

Just to change the subject completely, did you hear that chemists across Wyre and Fylde will no longer be able to order repeat prescriptions on a patients behalf, with the hope of saving hundreds of thousands of pounds? Well that can’t be a bad thing can it.

You’ll now have to order prescriptions online or call your GP at the practices which offer a telephone service – which is good if you can’t use a computer or get there on Shanks’ pony. The change is being made to stop the stockpiling of unnecessary prescriptions which are collected in people’s homes, which is costing the Fylde and Wyre Clinical Commissioning group about £1.6 million a year – which is an awful lot of money isn’t it.

The only thing that will really change is that you won’t be able to have them ordered by chemists on your behalf any more, so otherwise it’s business as usual, as I’ve already said.

Of course some patients, for whatever reasons, might not be able to cope with the new way and for those they will be exempt from the new rules and can carry on having prescriptions ordered by the chemists so all in all I don’t think it will make a lot of difference to most people do you. We order ours over the phone and then have them delivered as we aren’t exactly on the doorstep and I agree, it is a terrible waste of much needed money to issue prescriptions that may not be wanted that month.

Anything that can save money for the NHS is the right way to go and maybe they should start looking at other forms of waste that is so rife in our NHS all over the country. I keep saying this over and over and I think that all these public bodies, including all public sectors, should be run by ex business people who have a lot more idea on how to run services profitably.

I’ve always said that in all public bodies it is so easy to think that you will get a wage paid in monthly, whatever you do, whereas when you are self employed, if you want to pay your bills and eat you have to find ways of doing it efficiently as there is no one there to pay a guaranteed wage into you bank account. It certainly focuses your mind, believe me.

Whatever next

While I’m on my soap box, did you know that children as young as five have had to have a vaping ban at school, as the number of children bringing them and smoking them in schools is growing at an alarming rate!

One head teacher sent a letter to parents saying that children in possession of or smoking them will result in them being excluded, because as she points out they are not toys. It gets more and more unbelievable doesn’t it, what with them taking knives into school and all the rest that some children do, it makes you wonder what is going wrong in our society don’t you think.

I keep saying that I’m glad I’m not bringing children up today as I don’t think my nerves would stand it, what with getting them through school and hoping and praying that they don’t succumb to drugs, drink, smoking, sex, online bullying and all the rest, it makes me shudder. Maybe I am old fashioned in my outlook but I don’t like what’s happening at the moment in our country. Does anyone else think the same or is it just fuddy duddy old me!

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