Afternoon Tea and Teething Trouble

Afternoon Tea and Teething Trouble

Here I am again after a lovely afternoon in the sunshine on Sunday with all our good friends at Brenda and Keith’s garden party that they so generously held for us.

Cakes at Brenda's Garden Party

We had our usual busy morning here first and went out after our usual ‘what shall we put on’, ‘what’s the weather going to do’ and as it was so overcast all morning, I’d got my jeans and a top out just in case it wasn’t too warm. We had to be there for 3pm and suddenly, as if by magic, it was like the parting of the Red Sea, the clouds suddenly divided and wafted away at just about 3pm leaving us with glorious sunshine.

Back went the jeans to where they had come from and out came a dress at the last minute so when we all had got sorted, off we went leaving two very sad looking dogs at home who always enjoy coming out with us.

Brenda and Keith’s back garden is so pretty with obviously a lot of time spent on tending it, just like I used to do in Yorkshire, but as it was a big garden that we had, I’m now glad of our small one here in Cleveleys as the old bones don’t take kindly to all the stretching and bending I used to do.

Garden party in the sunshine

We all sat out on the decking ready for an afternoon of laughs with our friends and plenty of those there were I might tell you! Our friends had put on a lovely spread with lots of different sandwiches which particularly made Kevin’s and Jim’s faces light up, not that they enjoy their food of course, but they did have a nice plateful along with the salad and then followed by strawberries and cream and lovely gateaux and then cup cakes which I love. Put it this way, I think I put on half a stone in that afternoon but it was very nice and even more so when it was got ready for me which is a rare treat, so thank you both for ‘feeding’ us, it was great.

Of course, Kevin ably helped by Jim, were winding everyone up so that we ended up laughing on a heap and what with the lovely sunshine, it was perfect for our garden party. I had my back to the sun so wasn’t too hot but Kevin, who was sitting opposite me, looked like he was going to melt but it’s so much nicer to have a treat like that when the sun is shining, it was absolutely spot on.

Eventually we decided we’d better get home to the dogs who by now would be plaiting their legs so we all started to disband and went back to where we belonged feeling very full, tired and happy. I was right, my little boys (the dogs) after going into raptures when they saw me, shot out for a wee as quick as they could so after getting our ‘comfy’ clothes back on we had a lovely cup of tea and relaxed, I hope Brenda and Keith did too!!

Teething Trouble

In the morning before we went out, we had a bit of an amusing incident, well for us but not Jane. As you will know who read my blogs, Jane has been having awful trouble with one of her molars which has been going on for months and months.

After spending hours and hours and a lot of money, she had her roots taken out of the tooth and then had it crowned, but continued to have pain and trouble and couldn’t eat on that side of her mouth because the root canal work hadn’t managed to get right to the very bottom and so it had been infected all along, so to cut a very long story short, she decided to have the tooth pulled out.

That just about had the dentist putting her foot in the middle of Jane’s chest and yanking with all her might. Put it this way, it took about half an hour of pulling and tugging to get it out instead of the usual few seconds so she wasn’t a happy bunny when she finally got home. Then on top of that she had a condition called ‘dry socket’ which was the most side splitting, agonising pain that lasted at full throttle for easily two weeks, and was a month before it had finally gone. 

All the many months that the trouble was going on, she had a sort of little cherry on the gum on the side of the tooth which she kept having it looked at (I believe it’s called a gum boil, where the infection pushes through the side of your gum) but when her extraction site wouldn’t heal and left her with another ‘cherry’ but this time in the socket, she thought enough was enough and went back to the dentist where it was found she still had a pocket of infection so finally had a course of antibiotics. Have I put you all to sleep yet, it’s working on me, my eyes are ready for closing as I type.

But anyway, she thought that that was that, until Sunday morning when she came into my bedroom with her eyes nearly popping out of her head. ’You’ll never guess what has just come out of the side of my gum’ to which my eyes were getting as wide as hers at the thought of something enormous and odd popping out of her head, but would you believe, it was what looked like a piece of bone which had started to pop out at the side.

She’d got the tweezers and got hold of the tiny little pointed bit of white that was showing (the right hand sharp bit on the photo) and began pulling, which of course cut her gum and made it bleed, and there it was in all its glory, what looked like a lump of bone like a little button.

Leftover bone out of tooth extraction

If her eyes had got any wider with amazement, she would have popped them, it was a sight to behold, but she had to put it on a saucer and try to dissect it and we reached the conclusion it was indeed a piece of bone. Apparently it’s quite common after a traumatic extraction to get bits of bone broken off, which once detached die in your socket and are called ‘sequestrum’, and being of no use to the body are pushed out like a splinter eventually works its way out of your finger. 

Would you believe that for the first time in all these months it is actually easier for her to eat on that side of her mouth where the tooth was pulled out, so it just goes to show doesn’t it, at last her body had rejected the bone and forced it out, peace at last, lovely!!

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