A Sad End to Come To

A Sad End to Come To

On Friday morning at around 8am Jane was busy typing away, still in the living room where she’d been sat working since silly-o’clock, when she saw an ambulance pass in front of her with lights flashing and sirens blaring. Then a police car went flying on, then a van, then another police car.

So being of a, shall we say, curious nature, she got up to see what was happening, closely followed by her dad who also suffers from the same complaint. Suddenly another ambulance appeared with lights and sirens going closely followed by police cars. The next thing I knew was that Derek was shouting downstairs to me to tell me that something strange was happening.

I didn’t jump out of bed to go and have a look as I knew that Hercule Poirot times two would fill me in. Sure enough, back downstairs he came again to tell me what was happening (aided by his binoculars) but didn’t expect what he saw.

Beach at Rossall School, between Cleveleys and Fleetwood

The strange thing was, that made us realise something serious had happened, we could see that police tape had been put up on the prom which usually happens when there is a crime going on, that is according to all the police programmes that I’ve watched anyway!

It appeared that a body had been found washed up on the beach by a dog walker near to Rossall School. Of course we all started wondering what had happened, had he been drunk and fallen into the sea somewhere, had he decided that life wasn’t worth living, a number of possibilities but how sad to think that yet another life had come to a sad end as so many have done on this coastline.

As the day went on facts started coming to light as apparently he hadn’t been in the sea for very long and was of Chinese or East Asian origin and aged round about forty. The police are asking for any information to help them to find out his identity. Read the full article here.

We did learn something else later, but mum’s the word at the moment although the mystery thickens I must say. There does seem to have been so many bodies washed up on the Fylde Coast and we get our fair share of them here on Rossall Beach – this is about the fourth one to my knowledge. I wonder if other parts of the country get the same amount of unfortunate bodies being washed up where they live?

For my more recent readers I can tell you that a good few years ago we had a body on the beach in front of where we live and it was such a sad sight to see someone just laid there with no sign of life, but the thing that got to me was that it was treated so differently to Friday’s incident which was swarming with police and ambulances. I don’t know what you think but in these days of waiting hours for an ambulance it did seem odd that two turned up so quickly for a dead body who couldn’t be helped!

The body in front of us all those years ago was of a young man who I believed suffered from depression and was only about 19 years old, but he was laid there on the beach for all the world to see and when somebody did eventually turn up it was a couple of policemen who sauntered down the beach as though they were on an afternoon stroll, not going to some unfortunate person who had lost their life. There was no fuss, no screening him off and all that happened was that a couple, I presume undertakers, came and took him off the beach on a stretcher. It seemed at the time so cold and impersonal for the poor soul as though nobody cared, when after all he was someone’s son, brother etc and meant something to them.

Rossall Beach at Cleveleys near to cafe

You lose track of time, but probably about 4 or 5 years ago we also had a woman washed up on the rocks just below the café (above), again very upsetting. And so it goes on – where through drunkenness or as often happens going in after a dog or whatever, we do get deaths which are so tragic for the people left behind. I do sound a right old pessimist don’t I which I’m not trying to be, it’s just a fact of life living here by the sea.

When I lived inland I wouldn’t have imagined that this sort of thing was going on, especially as there wasn’t a sea there to drown in, of course, stating the obvious. But you would perhaps hear of an odd suicide once a blue moon and that was it. Here there are so many reasons that people end up in the sea with some being rescued and others not so fortunate but the ones that get to me are people who go in after their dogs.

As an avid dog lover I can understand someone not thinking when a pet ends up in the water but whether I would jump into the sea, I don’t know, so many end up drowned because of their love for their pet (and the dog often manages to get out). While non dog lovers wouldn’t get it in a million years, I do, and a daft thing to do it may be, but the bond between a dog and its owner is sometimes so strong that maybe they just don’t think on the spur of the moment and pay the heaviest price that they could. Such a shame x

What do you think?

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