A Riddle of Tins

A Riddle of Tins

It was a bit of an odd day in our house on Tuesday. Jane was out from first thing in the morning and didn’t get back until well after lunch time. She’d gone to the hoteliers coffee morning at Viva, with a Seaside Emporium display.

Viva Blackpool Coffee morning

Viva Blackpool

I was busy and it was also our shopping day. Derek was out of sorts with himself, so Kevin kindly (and maybe bravely) suggested that he would go and get the shopping for us. ‘On your own?’ I said, quite surprised as he usually goes with Derek if we can’t get for some reason, so after offering to go with him and a firm, ‘I’m OK on my own’, I set to and started writing a shopping list for him.

I always do it in order from when they get into the shop and up and down the aisles in order so that it is easier for them, so job done and having asked if he understood the list and what was where, he eventually got ready (that’s another half hour marathon) and headed for the supermarket.

There I was doing what I was doing, (I’ll not bore you with the details) when my phone rang and lo and behold it was Kevin.  The one thing I had forgotten was our weekend naughty treat, sticky toffee pudding, so there he was checking what everyone wanted until I was spinning round in my head as to whether they had sticky toffee pudding and then when that was established, decided to have syrup sponge instead!

Talk about trying to confuse the poor thing, I don’t know, but anyway, off I went again to have the phone ring again not a minute later to ‘what flavour Muller rice pots does Derek like’, so again, there he was reeling off the different flavours of Muller Rice until eventually, after a lot of hammer and chiselling to Kevin’s head, we reached an agreement as to what he liked and didn’t like.

There I was setting to and trying to do a job when the phone rang again. This time it was my dilute unsweetened fruit juice and as I had put raspberry and fruits when I usually always have apple and there wasn’t any such drink as raspberry, only Summer fruits it was a bit complicated for the poor thing!

Eventually I got that sorted out and by now I was having a little chuckle to myself and quite interested in the fact that they rang me and not the other two, when the phone rang again and then a little later again. I’ll not bore you with the details but at least he had the gumption to check when he wasn’t sure instead of buying any old thing. Eventually he got back after quite a while and then when I went down into the kitchen I had another surprise.

A riddle of tins…

There was Kevin sitting on the kitchen floor surrounded by tins. I did wonder if the cupboard had collapsed, but being as we keep the tins in a bottom cupboard that sits on the floor I didn’t think that was very likely. So tongue in cheek I asked him what on earth he was doing.

Canned cat food
We haven’t got a cat, and these aren’t our tins, but you get the idea…

I had asked him to get a couple of tins of beans as there didn’t seem to be any left, and a couple of tins of sliced peaches, always handy if you want a quick fruit desert. Before putting them away, Kevin in his wisdom had decided to have a sort out and see what was what in the cupboard, a rather large double one might I add, so then he explained.

Suddenly the thought had come into his head that the tins at the back of the cupboard tend not to see the light of day as I’m sure others will understand, so he thought it would be a good idea to empty the lot and put them back in date order.

He asked me if I wanted the tinned pears at the front or back of the cupboard, so very puzzled I asked him, ‘what tinned pears, we don’t buy tinned pears’ to which he said ‘you do now’ it was on the list. ‘Oh no it wasn’t’ I said sounding a bit like a panto Dame, I asked for sliced tinned peaches. So off he went to consult his list and there it was, ‘tinned sliced peaches’ so get out of that one Kevin.

So guess where the pears went, yes, at the back of the cupboard, and so it went on and on. A friend of mine was discussing this very thing the other day, our habit of making sure the cupboards were full as a result of never having had anything when we were young (don’t ask) and was I right, we won’t run out if there is another war put it that way. So after a lot of consulting with me, he eventually got everything back in its place although I could swear that there was less room than there was before!

I must say that he did amuse me and I was so grateful that he went, but there is one thing about our Kevin, he is sure to give us all a laugh!

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