A Different Monday Morning

A Different Monday Morning

It was a funny old morning to start the week yesterday, on Monday.

First of all, Jane was out on the beach at 7.45am as BBC Radio 5’s team came along to interview the beach cleaners for a programme on just that, the amount of plastic and rubbish that is floating about in our seas and on our beaches.

Others of our die hard group also joined them, which was very stoic of them as it was a bitterly cold morning with plenty of frost.

BBC Radio 5 Live at the Rossall Beach Clean on Monday 5 Feb 2018

Matty, the man in the blue coat, was the guest presenter and in this photo he was interviewing Lizzie, from the Marine Conservation Society. 

Later on, someone else came from the BBC to film them for the BBC website. Fingers crossed there’s a chance it might even get on the homepage, which I think isn’t a bad achievement for our group, don’t you. So apparently in a few days they should be there for all the world to see or something like that!

BBC time lapse of rubbish being collected

James (from the BBC) made a time lapse video of the rubbish that was collected by everyone. He’d set the table up on the beach and the plastic boxes and asked volunteers to periodically tip their litter into it. At the end the boxes obviously weren’t big enough so they piled the rest of them up under the table. 

Live from Rossall Beach

I think all this BBC stuff must have inspired Jane because she also did a film of her own, and did a Live Facebook broadcast. You can watch it back here

I don’t go to the beach clean bit because, alas, I’m in too much pain and not well enough, so was dashing about like a lunatic trying to get all my jobs done to go to The Venue for lunch afterwards.

The dogs were asleep all morning as usual but I had to get them up and moving and get their grooming done and all the other jobs I do for them and give them their dinner early, which really puzzled them, especially Muffin.


Talk about being a creature of routine. Usually he dives into his dinner and finishes it while Koko is thinking about it, but not yesterday. No way, it wasn’t the right time and did he know it. Eventually he ate a bit while Koko got stuck into his, but wouldn’t finish it and when I took them downstairs my were they puzzled! They knew something was happening, especially when they saw Derek and I putting our outside coats on, a real signal that they were going to be alone, and not to their liking might I add.

Kevin was out with a client all morning so he was following on for his lunch. As Derek and I were walking along the prom, he appeared pulling up in front of us and asking where we were going. Ummm, for lunch at The Venue along with you, Jane and the rest of the crowd? Wondering how he’d managed to forget the obvious, but not only that, he’d got the wrong day and should have gone to the meeting he’d been to on Wednesday!

Those that know him will shake their heads and say they aren’t surprised, as sometimes (most of the time) he doesn’t know whether he’s on this earth or Fuller’s (old Yorkshire saying meaning he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be doing).

Eventually he got the message and turned up a while later at The Venue where he managed to polish away his dinner and half of mine and Derek’s (some salad that was left and a few chips). Then Val, one our friends passed yet more chips over to him as we all know he’s a bit like a human dustbin is our Kevin, if anyone has leftovers it’s down the hatch for him. Then he polished off some more odds and ends!

As usual we were a noisy bunch with lots of laughing and nattering but we managed to polish off a nice lunch and the joy of not having to cook the dinner for once, even better still for me, lovely lovely!

Jane and I had a walk back home because by then the sun was out and even though it was cold, it was still too nice not to walk and reflect on how lucky we are to live here and have such good friends. Long may it continue!

Shopping Trip

On Sunday we decided to pop to Cleveleys in the afternoon to get a bit of stocking up done as we hadn’t done for a while so off we went into the freezing cold, and was it cold? Too right it was.

The town wasn’t really busy, maybe something to do with the fact that it was bitter, but it was pleasant in the afternoon sun. It certainly had tempted people to come out on our prom as it was busy all day here, probably people who had enough of the long Winter nights and wanted a bit of sunshine and sea and who can blame them.

Beautiful view at Rossall Beach Cleveleys on 4.2.18

We had a look round and got our odds and ends and off home for some tea in our nice warm house, what more could you want, that’s contentment for you! This was the beautiful view that greeted us when we got home at about 4pm. 

Join in 

I’m sorry if you read this at the end of the last blog (and the one before), but it’s important so I’m going to keep repeating it for those who haven’t seen it yet.

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They are reducing the posts that you see from ‘Pages’ (the ones that you ‘Like’) in favour of posts from friends and family and Groups (that you ‘Join’) 

This is their blog post on the subject:

Facebook changes

Jane has set me a new group up so that hopefully you’ll keep seeing my posts. Even if you already like my Facebook page, please join the group until we all see what effect this latest change is going to have. It also means that we’ll be able to talk to each other more easily too – which will be nice.

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