A Chilly Morning

A Chilly Morning

Yesterday morning Jane was out and about early, going onto the prom at 9.15am to the beach clean that our group hold once a month, and what a lot of people turned up too. About 55 came along in all, with loads of bags of rubbish collected, so well done to them all that braved the cold wind.

Rossall Beach Group clean up

I was at home doing my housewifely jobs, as my arthritic body doesn’t take too kindly any more to stumbling about on pebbles while trying to hold a sack and litter pickers, so I get my jobs done before I go on to The Venue for our coffee break after the beach clean.

There I was sorting the food out for later when I had to go into the freezer for something, nothing odd about that until I tell you that Jane had not put the power back on from Saturday…

There I was thinking that the food felt soft and wet and had the freezer broke, when I looked at the wall and saw that the switch wasn’t on. My old cogs starting to do a rapid spin, well as fast as I could get them to go, and with a bang the thought came into my head that she had emptied the freezer out on Saturday morning and why I will tell you next. It wasn’t that she wanted to Spring clean the freezer or anything like that but something had got wedged in the top drawer and whoever was the last into the freezer hadn’t closed the door properly.

As you may know if this has happened to you, the whole of the inside looked as though it was ready for someone to make one of those beautiful ice sculptures out of as it was all so thick in ice. So there Jane was, ranting that that was the end of her going outside to do some gardening before lunch, so she set to and pulled all the drawers out with ice shards and water going everywhere. This did nothing to lighten her mood as she scowled her way through the shelves while I who was doing other kitchen things, was having a smile to myself at the few choice words that were coming from that direction of the kitchen. Eventually after chopping her way through several layers of ice and melting it even more with a hair dryer, although for goodness sake don’t put the hair dryer up to the ice or you’ll get more than a frizzy perm, but it worked wonders at speeding the job up.

Obviously having been a Brownie in a past life (but only for three weeks), she switched the freezer off at the wall and completely forgot that to make it work you have to switch the thing back on!

So yesterday morning I was the lucky person who found hundreds of pounds worth of food nicely defrosted, all staring at me from the depths of the mini pond, so with an ‘oh my goodnight’ from me I closed the door as quick as I could, although what I thought that would achieve I didn’t know other than to pretend that nothing had happened! Not long after that Derek came into the kitchen so I told him about our ‘mishap’ so he set to with some reinforced sacks and started emptying the freezer of its drowned possessions! I did text Jane to tell her what she’d done but got no answer so later on I phoned her and gave her the shock of her life.

The poor freezer is now sitting there with its door propped open until we can get to a freezer shop to stock back up on what we have lost.

Freezer with empty drawers

Anyway, after all that fun, and I say that loosely, I went to The Venue to meet up with my friends from the group who had been beach cleaning and what a racket we made.

We’ve taken ourselves around the corner (you might say we’ve gone round the bend) to where the snooker table is so that we can all sit together better and not disrupt the rest of the customers, and what a lot of us turned up, I think the staff of The Venue got a bit flustered when we all piled in!

When our group gets together we make such a din, as we are all talking and laughing on a heap but I must say that it’s nice to meet up and meet friends old and new and just generally chill out for an hour or so.

I’d left the food for dinner ready with hubby’s usual note as to what time to put what on was, so for once we were on time so no need of a photo of Kevin sitting on the drive with knife and fork in his hands and bib round his neck as he ‘hinted’ that we were late and he was hungry!

Eventually after being mobbed by the dogs as if to say ‘and where do you think you’ve been without me’ we ate and had our statutory lunch hour before returning back to the fray!

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