A Beautiful Winter Weekend

A Beautiful Winter Weekend

Haven’t we had a beautiful weekend, cold admittedly, but oh those beautiful blue skies and day long sunshine. After a busy morning on Sunday we decided to go to Freeport. We’ve not been for a while and as it’s dark early there’s not much point going much farther, so off we went and my was it cold but so lovely and glad to be alive.

Chrissie at Freeport Fleetwood

It wasn’t very busy when we got there which quite surprised me on such a lovely day. Maybe people couldn’t face the crispness, I don’t know, but it was still good to be out there. 

Beautiful Sunset

When we came home the sunset was absolutely glorious. You wouldn’t believe that the weather had been so bad the weekend before.

Sunset at The Mount

Just as a quick mention, before we went out I counted 25 fishing boats just in front of us so how many were out I don’t know, but they did look lovely bobbing up and down. Glad I wasn’t on one or I would have been filling the sea with good old chuck-up if you know what I mean! Jane and I aren’t good travellers at all and I only have to see a boat or ship to feel queasy and it must have been mighty cold out there sitting still on a boat, brrrrr it gives me the shivers just thinking about it!

Too Many Sales

Brenda and Val, a couple of our friends, had been telling us last Friday that there wasn’t much decent stuff in the sales and were they right. We were discussing Marks and Sparks and how awful their clothes seem to be of late, and even though Freeport is an outlet one they were so right. The sales racks looked like jumble sales stuff it was so awful. I honestly have sent better to charity shops and that’s no lie.

Marks keep saying that their profits are going down and they were right, there’s no wonder. A lot of the full price clothes look like they can’t make their mind up if they are Mary Quant era with all the frills and bell sleeves, but by and large I couldn’t part with our hard earned money on such ‘stuff’ so we all came out empty handed.

When we’ve gone to the Blackpool store it’s not looked much happier, are they selling to young or ancient or what, as I can’t seem to find a lot to suit me, sorry M&S but you need a new buyer with fashion sense and you need to have a good shake-up.

Not much from us

On the whole we spent very little in our shopping trip, apart from the Denby shop where we bought three plates to match our Denby that we use every day. Some heavy handed dope in our house decided to smash one on the tiled floor, leaving us one short of four. So we got three to make it up to half a dozen in the hope that nobody would go on a smashing spree again leaving us short once more. You can’t be too careful can you!!

Just a digression (what’s new) but when you see people on TV throwing ornaments, plates and such all over their rooms when they are having an argument, I’ve always thought to myself that I would never want to do that as I would be the Charlie that had to clean the mess up. Having said that, in times past when I was particularly browned off with someone I never wanted to throw anything, I get  more pleasure out of slamming a door loudly behind me, although I haven’t done that for a long long time thank goodness. I’d better get back onto my subject before someone asks me how many arguments we have had!!

Fill that Gap

Eventually we went into all the shops we wanted to go in, still empty handed but I did get a couple of nice jumpers from Gap which I just couldn’t resist so I wasn’t quite empty handed was I. Off we went home to two happy dogs who we had left at home as it was so cold for them to sit still in a pram, then a nice hot tea and bliss, a nice afternoon altogether.

Beach Clean Day

Yesterday morning was another cold bracing sunny day and it was also beach clean day.

Beach clean

The Venue, where we always go for our after clean up time, was officially closed as they are having their deep clean day but Tom, the manager, took pity on us and opened upstairs for us to go and have our drinks.

We certainly made lots of noise as usual when we got together and out of the 46 people who had beach cleaned, 22 came back for a drink so we were well pleased that the Venue let us in. We do work well with them anyway so it was much appreciated.

Everybody was talking their heads off and lots of laughter too, we commented how great it was that the group have kept together all these years and have made good friends in the process which is great when so many of us come from other places and leave friends and families behind. I thought we were going to end up staying the day as there were so many conversations going on, but after practically dragging Jane out we eventually got home to the dinner I’d left the men to see to.

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