A Beautiful Weekend - Spring has Sprung!

A Beautiful Weekend - Spring has Sprung!

What a lovely weekend it’s been weather wise, I hope you have all enjoyed it as much as I have. I just love the sun and especially when it’s Mothers Day, it seems so much nicer when the sun is warming and cheering us up. I have to say a big thank you to Jane for my lovely presents, they are much appreciated and her card had the most wonderful verse in it, also Kevin for the Maltesers which he knows I love and can’t stop eating once I start!

We had a lovely afternoon out on Saturday as it was so nice and as we wanted a few things from the Squire’s Gate estate we went there, dogs and all. It was its usual ordeal getting organised and sorting the dogs out along with choruses of ‘what shall I wear’ although Jane did try and get me to decide about two hours before we went as she knows I usually hither and dither, so the early warning alarm came not to hold the show up!

Eventually we got the car packed up pram and all, water for the dogs a cold drink for us, dog poo bags and so it went on, you would have thought we were going away for a month the way that we carry on but we succeeded and got under way in the beautiful sunshine (we were in the car really not in the beautiful sunshine) it did sound rather odd didn’t it!

Anyway, we went through Blackpool and along the prom even though we knew that it would be busy on a day like that and it didn’t let us down it was busy, very busy.

Blackpool promenade this weekend

We were queueing from the Carleton Hotel to get into town, Jane timed us and we were ten minutes just getting from there to the traffic lights at North Pier, and so it went on, but at least we were moving if slowly and there is plenty to see isn’t there!

I can’t say that I was impressed by the already drunk lads that seemed to be everywhere. One lot were up on a the balcony at Soul Suite and were eyeing all the girls up and making plenty of comments, I did wonder if they were so tanked up at that time what on earth kind of state would they be in by midnight! The usual stag party lads were about but they were in a minority and on the whole there were lots of families out to enjoy the day which was nice to see.

Blackpool North Pier

Derek and Kevin were busy taking pictures from the car (like this one, above) as we moved slowly for Jane’s web site while getting a running commentary from Jane such as ‘are you ready, take that one, have you got this one, oh dad, oh Kevin you should have got that one’ and so it went on.

Eventually we got to Squires Gate after going through the heaving Blackpool, there must have been a lot of money coming into the town if the amount of people we saw were anything to go by, so good for Blackpool, that’s just what it needs, lots of people here spending their money don’t you think!

We went straight to TK Maxx to get another couple of cushions plus a few more things that we saw and had a mosey into Staples before going into Dunelm Mills. The estate was unusually quiet for a Saturday afternoon but I wasn’t complaining, I like it to be quiet so that you can get round the shops and get served.

By this time we were starting to pile the top of the dogs pram in cushions and heaven knows what but they were totally unconcerned as they were busy taking in what was happening round them as they are very nosey for dogs. Just an observation here, that because we could take our pram in the shop and dawdle without thinking that the dog police were going to come and get us, we spent a bomb in that shop. 

We got what we wanted in Dunelm and by this time we were starting to flag as we seemed to have done a Triathlon or something, well my body felt like it and the others weren’t far behind me. I do think it odd that there isn’t a litter bin anywhere outside the shops there, not one and it would also be nice to have a few seats to sit on when you wanted five minutes but anyway, by this time we were flagging and wanted some food so we trundled off to McDonald’s before we starved to death.

I say that loosely because of course we weren’t starving, it just felt like it as we hadn’t eaten since our lunch at 12 or had a drink so we were quite ready. Put it this way, it was 6.40pm when we got home and was just about dark so we were out quite a long time (which is why we wouldn’t leave the dogs home alone for such a length of time and instead take them shopping), but it was a fun afternoon and even though it was just shopping for the home, we enjoyed it so that’s all that matters.

We even had a diversion on the way back, and a pit stop on the sea front at South Shore for a photo call against the sunset – we can’t go anywhere without taking pictures!

Sunset at Blackpool new south promenade

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